BOMBSHELL: Biden Given 2-Week Ultimatum

Joe Biden

( – In the aftermath of Joe Biden’s physically and mentally challenging debate performance against former President Donald Trump, Biden’s campaign donors are reportedly giving him a two-week window to recover before reevaluating their support.

During a lengthy Zoom session arranged by the Democratic National Finance Committee to reassure donors, speculation about Biden ending his re-election campaign was firmly dismissed.

“The call was very reassuring,” the source revealed. “He’s all in, moving forward. He will do better at the next debate. The campaign is going about business as usual.”

The committee confidently told donors that internal surveys show robust support for Biden, with no noticeable dip following the debate.

The campaign now even plans to increase Biden’s visibility, focusing on scripted appearances.

“They want to get him out there … but make sure it’s scripted,” said the source. Additionally, it was mentioned that “they are going to have teleprompter at every possible event they can,” although this particular point was later contested by a Biden campaign spokesperson.

Biden recently reappeared to make remarks at the White House criticizing the Supreme Court’s decision to grant Trump absolute immunity for official acts during his presidency.

Biden resolutely used teleprompters for his speech and refused to take any questions regarding his debate performance or his campaign’s future.

The source portrayed Biden as “calm and focused on the future,” with assurances that donors remain supportive. “Donors are not asking for their money back,” the source said.

A recent Morning Consult poll, conducted shortly after the debate, shows a tight race, with Trump slightly leading Biden, a shift from a previous poll where Biden had a slight edge.

The survey was conducted in late June and showed Trump leading Biden by 1 percentage point.

This is a clear reversal of positions after a June 16 poll had Trump trailing Biden also by 1 percentage point.

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