BOMBSHELL: Hispanics More Likely Than White Democrats to Say Border ‘Not Secure’

Latino and Hispanic voters in the United States are far more likely than white Democrats to declare the Southern Border as “not secure,” a new public opinion poll has found.

More than half of all Hispanic Americans say that the US-Mexican border is “not secure,” compared with only 42% of white Democrat voters, shows the survey by WPA Intelligence, a Republican polling firm, as cited by The National Review.

Just 26% of the Americans likely to vote in the upcoming midterm elections believed the Southern Border was “secure,” while exactly two-thirds, or 66%, said it was not, as per the poll results.

Compared with the 42% of white Democrats who declared the border to be “not secure,” 48% of the same group maintained that it was “secure.”

While 53% of Hispanics considered the border “not secure,” 34% of the same group stated the opposite.

The same pattern, in which Hispanic Americans seem more opposed to or at least more concerned by illegal immigration than white Democrats, emerged on the issue of the migrant crisis’ impact.

Asked whether they “believe the security situation at the southern border impacts your community positively, negatively, or not at all,” 47% of Hispanics said the impact was negative. Only 12% said it was positive.

Another 27% declared that the border crisis has had no impact “at all,” while 15% remained unsure.

Among white Democrat voters, however, only 20% said the migrant crisis had impacted their community negatively, 13% said the impact was positive, 46% saw no effect whatsoever, and 21% were unsure.

Overall, exactly half of all US voters said the failure to secure the Southern Border harmed their communities, while only 9% assessed it as positive.

Another 26% said it made no difference, while 15% weren’t sure what to reply.

The pollster found the same pattern held when the respondents were asked the following question:

“Compared to the border states, do you believe liberal states are doing their fair share regarding the absorption and care of asylum seekers, illegal immigrants, and refugees?”

Among Hispanics, 40% said “no,” 32% said “yes,” and 27% remained unsure.

The results were reversed among white Democrats. Only 14% said “no,” 53% answered “yes,” and 33% were unsure.

Overall, 43% of the likely voters declared liberal states weren’t doing their fair share on the burden of illegal immigration, 25% said they were, and 31% were not sure.

The public opinion survey by the GOP pollster questioned 1,000 registered voters. Of those, 936 said they intended to vote in the midterm elections on November 8.