BOMBSHELL: Hunter Biden’s Hookers Under Investigation

( – Two prostitutes who Hunter Biden may have trafficked have become part of House Republicans’ Biden family investigation as lawmakers have told the US Justice Department the women were sex trafficking victims.

Two GOP legislators – House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) and committee member Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) – have sent a letter to the DOJ stating that the two sex workers were victims “in need of federal support.”

They also asked the Justice Department whether the federal government was “upholding the rights of victims who were sexually exploited” by President Joe Biden’s son, as cited by National Review.

The latest letter by Comer and MTG comes after, in July, the GOP-led House Oversight Committee sent a request asking the DOJ for “information regarding DOJ’s handling of victims’ rights in the Hunter Biden investigation.”

The Biden administration’s Justice Department has acknowledged receiving the Republican lawmakers’ first letter, but it never responded to it officially, the news outlet points out.

In their follow-up attempt to receive information about the sex workers potentially trafficked by Hunter Biden, Comer and Greene addressed the DOJ’s National Human Trafficking Coordinator, Hilary Axam, and the Director of the Office for the Victims of Crime, Kristina Rose.

“It is unclear to the Committee as to why you both made the alarming decision to ignore our original request,” the members of the House Oversight Committee state in their letter to Axam and Rose.

“This conduct is unprofessional and concerning given your leadership roles at DOJ. Considering the seriousness of this obstructive behavior, we request information as to whether anyone advised you not to respond to our inquiry,” Comer and Greene add.

They emphasized IRS whistleblower Joe Ziegler’s congressional testimony in June, revealing Hunter Biden engaged in interstate prostitution, thus violating the Mann Act.

Ziegler also said the DOJ had been “compiling” a list of women as part of its investigation into Hunter, but he did not know “what ultimately happened” to it.

“These women may be victims under the Crime Victims’ Rights Act and may also be afforded mandatory restitution pursuant to the Mandatory Victim Restitution Act,” the Republican lawmakers wrote.

“In light of DOJ’s refusal to communicate in a meaningful way with the Committee, we have great skepticism that DOJ has been adequately communicating with crime victims,” they added, giving the DOJ until September 22 to respond.