BOMBSHELL: Israel Warned (video)

( – A new controversial revelation has made Israel and America’s recent joint intelligence failure all the more disturbing – namely, that the key US ally had been warned of an imminent attack by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

On October 7, Southern Israel was invaded by Hamas terrorists from the Gaza Strip, who surprised the world by entirely overwhelming the much-lauded Israeli border defense.

In the resulting massacre, the terrorists slaughtered over 1,300 Israelis and foreigners, including 14 Americans, kidnapped hundreds, and wounded over 2,500 others.

US Rep. Michael McCaul, the GOP Chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee, disclosed on Wednesday that in the days preceding the Hamas attack, the intelligence services of Egypt reportedly warned Israel about a potential terrorist strike,

“We know the Egyptian intelligence service handed this off days before the terrorist invasion, if you will, or attack. So, there’s a lot of questions about that,” McCaul (R-TX) told CNN following a secret intelligence briefing.

A couple of days earlier, an official from Egyptian intelligence told AP that Israelis had “underestimated” Egypt’s warnings that “an explosion of the situation is coming, and very soon, and it would be big.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office rejected the claim in a social media statement.

“The report to the effect that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received a message in advance from Egypt is absolutely false,” the Israeli leader’s office wrote.

“No message in advance has arrived from Egypt and the Prime Minister has neither spoken, nor met, with the head of Egyptian intelligence,” it added.

On Wednesday, McCaul said it was unclear at which level the Egyptian intelligence information was shared and that numerous threat streams might have come to Israeli intelligence from locations like Gaza and the West Bank.

“We know Hamas have been planning this attack for quite some time, perhaps even up to a year ago. And the idea that it was not caught raises some concerns, also when it comes to groups like Hezbollah and Iran as well. We need to make sure we don’t make that mistake,” the Texas Republican stated, as cited by The New York Post.

“For Israel, this is like their 9/11. I mean, it really is. It’s very reminiscent of what we went through in the United States when we did have a failure of intelligence,” McCaul concluded.