BOMBSHELL: Just 1 Percent of Americans See Biden as THIS!

President Joe Biden

( – As the bad news for President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party continues to mount, a jaw-dropping poll finds that only one percent of Americans see Biden’s economy as “excellent.”

And here’s a kicker that will drive the results of the poll home for liberals and Democrats. The poll was commissioned by the ultra-left ABC News mainstream media outlet.

As Breitbart recounts in “Poll: Just 1 Percent of Americans View Biden’s Economy as Excellent”:

“The poll asked respondents how they would ‘describe the state of the nation’s economy these days.’

“Only one percent said excellent. Twenty-three percent said good. Forty-seven percent said not so good. And 28 percent said poor.

“Combining the categories into positive and negative responses, 75 percent of Americans said Biden’s economy was “not so good” or “poor.”

“Only 25 percent said it was good or excellent, a 50 point differential.”

A political scientist we spoke with this morning who has studied presidential elections for decades told us that with numbers like those reflected in the ABC News poll, “Biden’s chances of being re-elected are somewhere between slim and none.”

Indeed, these numbers show why so many down-ballot Democrats who will face voters this November are creating as much political distance between themselves and Biden. They know that to be seen as a Biden supporter right now is highly unpopular with the American electorate.