BOMBSHELL: Soros Gave $700,000 to Who?

George Soros

( – A political action committee (PAC) sponsored by extreme leftist billionaire George Soros is spending massively on the campaign of a liberal public defender running for District Attorney of Pennsylvania’s second most populous county, a report reveals.

The Soros PAC money will benefit Matt Dugan, a DA candidate in Allegheny County, competing with incumbent Steve Zappala in the Democratic Party primary.

As cited by Newsmax, the Soros-backed “Justice and Safety PAC” has poured over $700,000 into Dugan’s primary campaign, The Washington Examiner reports.

It informs further that most of the leftist billionaire’s funds had been spent on ads and mailers attacking the record of the incumbent DA.

Zappala has reacted strongly against the outside influence since the Soros PAC is based in Washington, DC, and has no formal connections to Allegheny County.

He complained that the PAC had spent ten times the money that his rival Dugan had spent on himself in the Democrat DA primary campaign so far.

“No rational person believes that any politician who gets nearly all their funding from one source won’t be taking orders from them once taking office,” commented Mike Mikus, Zappala’s spokesman.

With 1.25 million people, Allegheny County is the second most populous in Pennsylvania after Philadelphia County, and it contains the state’s second biggest city, Pittsburg.

The report compares the two counties, stressing that George Soros has already successfully elected a DA he favors in Philadelphia County.

In 2017, the billionaire poured $1.7 million to support Larry Krasner’s campaign for Philadelphia DA, five times the money that Krasner spent on himself.

The sum also comprised 30% of all spending in the Democratic primary featuring seven candidates.

“Under Krasner’s tenure, recidivism rates have sharply risen, with critics blaming his refusal to charge low-level offenders,” the Examiner commented.

The report points out further that people in Allegheny County fear a replication of the “example” of Philadelphia and its Soros-backed DA.

“Many in Allegheny County fear that a Dugan victory as district attorney will bring both skyrocketing crime and the diminished rights of victims,” it notes.

One victims’ rights advocate emphasized that “all one has to do is look at Philadelphia” regarding the results a Soros-backed DA had achieved.

“Those of us that work in the system understand that electing a public defender as our chief law enforcement officer is not in the best interest of our safety nor victims,” the victims’ rights advocate said.

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