Bombshell Testimony Contradicts Georgia DA (Video)

( – In courtroom testimony yesterday, a twist in the tale emerged as Robin Yeartie, a key witness, shared details that put the spotlight on Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade’s relationship. According to Yeartie’s statements, the bond between Willis and Wade took root back in 2019, challenging the timeline previously shared by both in legal documents.

Yeartie, who shares a close bond with Willis and has previously worked in the district attorney’s office, was clear during her testimony. She confirmed that the relationship kicked off soon after Willis and Wade crossed paths at a conference for municipal court judges in 2019. This detail starkly contrasts with the couple’s assertion in court filings that their relationship started in 2022, post Wade’s engagement as a special prosecutor.

During the session, Michael Roman’s attorney, Ashleigh Merchant, sought clarity on the nature of Willis and Wade’s relationship. “You know that their relationship, their personal relationship, began shortly after this municipal court conference?” she asked. “Yes,” Yeartie responded. To further clarify, Merchant asked, “And when I say personal, romantic?” to which Yeartie again confirmed, “Yes.” Merchant continued, “And you understand it that their relationship began in 2019 and extended until the last time you spoke?” Yeartie’s reply was a simple, “Yes.”

The backdrop to this revelation is a legal battle involving former President Donald Trump. Roman’s motion on Jan. 8 aimed to disqualify Willis, alleging her appointment of Wade as special prosecutor — claiming it was a move that benefited her personally, as Wade reportedly took her on vacations with funds earned from his position. Willis acknowledged their relationship in the state’s response on Feb. 2.

Adding another layer to the narrative, Wade, in an affidavit attached to the state’s response, stated his side of the story. He mentioned that before his appointment, he and Willis were just friends. It was only in 2022, according to Wade, that their relationship took a personal turn.