BOMBSHELL: Transgender Activist Supports Domestic Terror Group

( – Transgender swimmer and activist Lia Thomas, a man who has been raking in medals in women’s athletics by claiming to be a woman, has unabashedly declared his support for Antifa, an anti-American far-left domestic terrorist organization.

Lia Thomas – born William Thomas – has been celebrated by the radical progressivist left as a pioneer in promoting the transgender ideology by becoming the “first openly transgender athlete to win an NCAA Division I national championship,” which he achieved by competing against females.

Thomas’ backing for Antifa, a fascist and communist group whose thugs stir riots and terrorize law-abiding, patriotic, Christian, and conservative Americans, has become apparent from a photo posted on social media.

The image shows the transgender promoter wearing an Antifa t-shirt, reading “Antifa Super Soldier.”

Breitbart News reports that he was also wearing dark sunglasses and a bondage-style, military-esque leather gear while holding his hand in a mock peace sign.

Thomas’ Antifa photo was posted on Instagram by his partner Gwen Luxemburg, whose account is private.

“Antifa is widely considered a domestic terror group and has been at the forefront of destructive protests that resulted in millions in property damage for over a decade,” the report points out.

“Thomas is, of course, the University of Pennsylvania swimmer who, for three years, competed with little distinction on the school’s men’s swim team but suddenly jumped to race-winning status after ‘transitioning’ to a woman and joining the school’s women’s swim team,” Breitbart stresses further.

It adds that the university allowed Thomas to allege to be a woman, ignoring opposition by the actual women on the school’s swimming team.

That is, “despite the fact that Thomas has not gone to the length of having transition surgery and still sports his male genitalia.”

The decision to let a man compete against women and win gold medals in their contests has infuriated many prominent sports personalities, such as tennis star Martina Navratilova, who attacked UPenn for nominating Thomas for the NCAA “Woman of the Year” award.

Thomas’ case has led former NCAA swimming champion Riley Gaines to speak out and give speech tours in opposition to including males like him in female sports. For that, she has been attacked precisely by Antifa thugs – the same that Lia Thomas favors.