BOMBSHELL: Undelivered 2020 Mail-in Ballots Just Discovered

Election Ballots

( – A tray of mail-in ballots from the 2020 general election, which was sent but was never delivered, has just been discovered in a postal facility in Baltimore, Maryland.

The undelivered absentee votes were found in early August 2022, more than 1.5 years after the election, reports WMAR, as cited by Red State.

While there were only 26 ballots in the tray, the report points out that the case of the lost-and-found ballots “highlights some of the pitfalls of mail-in voting.”

The newly found ballots were outgoing ones, that is, they were sent to voters who had requested them to vote; they were not completed votes that didn’t reach their counting destination.

However, since they were never delivered, they may have prevented dozens of American citizens from casting their votes.

Apparently, an entire block of homes in Highlandtown, in Southeast Baltimore, didn’t receive the mail-in ballots they had asked for. The residents only got the ballots after their “discovery” by post office staff.

“I received my 2020 General Election ballot on August 6, 2022,” said Nick Frisone, who contacted local news outlets after finally getting his ballot. His neighbors received their absentee ballots at the same time as he did.

Frisone was aware that his ballot had been lost since he received a notification with an Informed Delivery email on September 29, 2020, that his ballot was to be delivered to him that day.

“And then it just never came, so then I had to call the Board of Elections, and then I had to go in-person to get a replacement,” Frisone explained.

The entire experience led the voter to conclude that mail-in voting is worth neither the risk nor the wait.

“It’s supposed to be easy to vote this way, but when the post office misplaces them, we can’t,” said Frisone.

A reporter then asked him if he would ever consider voting by mail once again.

“Probably not. I mean, if there’s another pandemic, I’ll get a hazmat suit and just go in-person,” Frisone declared.

The case with the lost outgoing ballots in Baltimore is not the first one in which issues with mail-in voting have been revealed.

A report by The Federalist informed that two years ago, an audit of the USPS discovered that about some 68,000 pieces of election materials for the Baltimore mayor primary remained undelivered for five days before the election on June 2, which caused a massive delay in the casting of votes by mail.