Border Patrol Overwhelmed by Illegal Aliens – Reclaiming America

Border Patrol Overwhelmed by Illegal Aliens

Border Patrol agents are being overwhelmed with a surge of migrants in parts of Texas and have had to restart “catch-and-release” policies, turning people loose into the U.S. as the first signs of a migrant surge emerge under President Biden,” according to The Washington Times.

Agents, officials and analysts say a combination of relaxed Biden border policies, coronavirus restrictions on holding people and deteriorating levels of cooperation from Mexico have left parts of the border in Texas unable to handle the surge.

One agent told The Washington Times they fear that what is happening in Texas will soon spread west to New Mexico, Arizona and California. [emphasis added]

“…Haitians, in particular, are streaming into the U.S. by crossing the Rio Grande. Once captured, they are fingerprinted, given immigration court summonses and released. Some head to Greyhound buses, and others are wealthy enough to board planes, said Mr. Bensman, pointing to information from a local migrant assistance group.” [emphasis added]

For more on this report, go to The Washington Times.

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  1. jf says:

    this president is going to ruin this nation and we cannot let all these illegals become citizens when America cannot take care of its own. Tired of high taxes and free this and free that. when will it end ? Biden needs to be impeached Trump was right America cannot rescue the world and let our nation go to the dogs. our own people are not working and cannot get help. Biden is ridiculous

  2. Tim Spreadborough says:

    This seems to be a continuous problem. What do you think???


  3. Monell Servis says:

    This is insanity. They will not go to court once here
    If you desire to come to the United States, come here
    legally. Don’t come and take our jobs. Take our hard earned tax dollars. This country is being destroyed.

    • Toma says:

      Exactly, no show and won’t be found. Then they’ll get benefits eventually, get free food (meant for American citizens) at food banks, other stuff and taking American jobs because they can be hired at half wages than our countries legal citizens.

  4. Michael Schartz says:

    Trump will be the only president since laws were placed, to keep presidents from holding more than two terms, to be elected president three times, legally. Of course one term was stolen from him by the corrupt leftists. But his third election will be his finest. 2024 can not get here quick enough. Oh and by the way, it would just be horrible if Air Force one would go down over the ocean while flying cameltoe Harris and osama bin Biden to China for a reunion of the worlds communist leaders. 🤞

  5. C says:

    That is what they are Period. Any other name is a lie.
    Higher gas prices, higher taxes on things we don’t even know about yet. He hates us and we hate him.

    • Nanette Bombard says:

      I agree their illegals they don’t belong in the US. illegally trying to enter the country so they can continue there illegal criminal activities

    • Mary Lou says:

      What is wrong with this President and government. You all are ruining this Beautiful country of Ours. Allowing all these people in by they thousands and WE the Citizen of this United States are paying from them. We can’t even take care of our HOMELESS! Come on doesn’t anyone in Congress or in the House of representatives see how this will cause the demise of America. We were going up hill with President Trump ( yes I know most of the US HATE HIM.That is another disgraceful thing)He really fought for us! To Make America whole again. He has the know how to keep us safe. To better us as a Nation. Not to make money on our lives and the future lives of our president Biden is ruining one thing after another. He is suppose be there for US! Not take jobs away from the American citizens. I feel so afraid with Biden as President. Unfortunately he isn’t well enough to run This United States.Vice president doesn’t have enough understanding how to run This United States biaslly.I Pray for God’s guidence for our Country.❤️🙏

  6. Verna Hart says:

    Oldman Biden no more cares about the American citizens than the man in the moon. Biden needs to put all the illegal immegrents up at his home. He needs to feed, clothe and house them if hes so he bent on letting them in our country.He does not care because they will not affect him. Its us Amricans who will suffer at his hands. Biden is so hell bent on destroying the United States. Hes about as far LEFT AS ANYONE CAN GET. Biden and his dumbasz Democrats need to pay for illegals healthcare, food and education besides housing them. Maybe old Jill will bake them some of her cookies and let the illegals sleep with her and oldman Alzheiner Joe. Americans have a bigger fight on their hands since old man Biden is in office.

  7. Mad as Hell says:

    Call your Senate & Congress & let them know you are against this, unless we
    bombard them with calls & say NO do not let Biden do these stupid things we do not have a chance!! Nobody is reading these replies except us we need to get to the idiots that are running the country! Please give it a try
    House 1-202-225-3121
    Senate 1-202-224-3121

    • Beth says:

      I can’t get through to my representatives because they are corrupt. I live in Hawaii and we also voted for President Trump, haven’t found but 2 who voted life long democrat without thinking.

    • portia wadsworth says:

      I keep wondering what Boden was told during his stay in the basement for months before the election !? Timing too perfect for all that followed after he surfaced; the fraudulent election, the EOs that were somenow ready the day he took office, his ‘ready-made list of picked available
      officials’now erroding our country to take guns from REPub. while retaining Fed.Military in place to protect current admin. Impeachment intent should at least curtail immediate Biden action on agenda.

  8. Joe Masefield says:

    Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are very happy that Joe Biden is now the Dictator of the former USA and now Communist-America and have started turning it into a Democrat-Socialist Party slave state so quickly!

  9. Clarise says:

    This is bad. I’m sick by this horrific administration that is HELL bent on destroying America. We’re in trouble.

  10. Skinwalker says:

    China Joe and the gang are dead set on destroying America.By the time he is out of office it’s going to be to late to save our country.

  11. Katrena says:

    To quote George Carlin on politics. The politicans get voted in by the people. They become our owners and they don’t care what happens to us as long as they get their power. So I think he might be right. Unleash the illegal immigrants on us to take away from the people of this country while the politicians live in gated communities with armed guards. WOW if any desint politician is listening help us out. Give us border security along with our JOB’S back. Take a pay cut get your own insurance and plan for retirement like we have to. Impeach Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and tell KERRY to park his jet he’s polluting maybe they can build solar panels.

  12. Rebecca Ann says:

    All those illegal alien’s are coming here to get away from socialism.
    They are not going to vote for Biden they’ll vote for TRUMP!

  13. vinnie says:

    I’m sure this news will make “pretender Beijing Biden very happy

  14. Gracie says:

    This is the worst thing Biden could have done during this pandemic. Cuomo only kills the aged; Biden takes everyone down!

  15. SouthwestBelle says:

    One if by land, two if by sea…in THIS case, THOUSANDS by land and river crossings. Simple American history lesson. And history DOES repeat…

    • Dog says:

      Thanks to you Joe and all your supporters, we will once again see a humanitarian crisis at our southern border. Deliberately ignoring US law to allow illegal immigrants in. It’s not just Mexicans. We are now seeing Iranian and Chinese entering by way of our southern border. Anyone who supports this is a fool.

  16. Donald says:

    Homeland Security and their Border Control officers need to stand by their oaths and ignore Traitor Joe’s unconstitutional actions as regards border security and protecting the USA and it’s citizens.

    • Clarise says:

      True. I agree that they should ignore Jo-blow and follow the constitution. I think a petition would be a good thing to put out there and pass along to sign “Nationwide” saying protect our borders and ignore Jo-blow. I’m going to start researching that. Anyone want to join me?

  17. Eve says:

    Get the rightful winner of the election in there asap!!!
    Our Country needs President Trump back!
    The election was stolen and this is not over! God Almighty will take care of this awful situation!!!
    Keep PRAYING and don’t lose hope. Repent and PRAY and we will see the Mighty Hand of the Lord of Hosts at work! It has already begun 🥰❤️🙏😇🥰

  18. Carol Bartlett says:

    I still think al these illegals need to be returned to their country of origin! If they wish to live in this country they need to come here legally ! Unfortunately we do not have any kind of good, strong leadership!

  19. Mark Deter says:

    Biden is going to ruin the country. He is to stupid to be president. He is a russian and chinas puppet. He promised jobs and ended thousands of jobs. He promised $2000.00 checks and dropped that. He endangers american citizens by opening the borders. He is a joke.

    • Jane Kinzie says:

      There are several reasons including the minimum wage going to $15 hourly, the payment for abortions overseas, and millions to other countries including Russia and China among other things. He thinks it will go through because it’s all tacked on the the stimulus bill.

  20. Haskell says:

    Get a lists of Democrat supporters and give each family’s address to a group of illegals that need a place to stay. I know they will be more than glad to house them.

    • Linda says:

      This is sad. We are helping others who not legal in the country, while we ignore our own people. Our vets, our homeless etc… such a shame. Biden and the rest are nothing more then bleeding hearts. I worked my way through college and life. I paid my student loan back. I didn’t seek hand outs or bail outs. Now as a disabled person, I barely have enough to get by monthly. Due to Medicare expenses and medicine. But, please give people who have not worked or were born here all the handouts possible. What a joke, Joe break our country even more. Honestly, I think the whole Congress group needs a limited term like the president. Too many old, narrow mind people on there

    • John says:

      Absolutely, they should be put on buses and sent to the hometown of each politician that agrees with this policy starting with Bidens home state!

  21. Gingee says:

    Biden needs removed now not in 2024. He is not able to do the job, other people have to do it for him & those people are communists & doesn’t care about any of us. We can defend ourselves because Biden is going to do away with our 2nd Amendment. He has already taken our 1st Constitutional right away. He needs stopped now mot later, China & Russia is getting closer & closer. God help our Country!

    • Ron says:

      I agree but then whose left, Kamala and the gang ,all communists,and a bunch of RINO Republicans. None of them give a rats a.. about the American people that they are supposed to represent.

  22. Mitch G. says:

    So the Dems really are as stupid as they look, im John Q.Pubic and even i know if you add 11 million non-Americans to our country during pandemic and millions of job losses everything will work out fine?! Do you think we are as stupid as you look, any blind person can see past that.

  23. Richard Hull says:

    Joe Biden is a “Clear and Present Danger” to our country. Can’t anything be done about this neanderthal. He is horrible. Worst president we have ever had. God help us.

  24. Ray says:

    This is exactly why the fence stay up at the capitol and the military stays there. They know a real revolt could come and this proves our military is complicit.

  25. Ray says:

    Biden is a treasonous scurge to our republic. An in your face arrogant stooge corrupt in every sense of the word. It’s all a plan to destroy our republic and force us into marxist socialism. Where is our military? I’m afraid part of it to allow this. They claim unconstitutionality to stop this as our internal enemy has no regard for the constitution.

  26. Glen says:

    Biden is extremely stupid for trying to saddle us with 11 to 20 million illegal immigrants!! I do not agree with any of his policies he is doing nothing but ruining this country. we can’t afford to take care of our own people much less all these immigrants I am so so upset about this. If I could I would want him to be impeached for ruining this country and it’s not getting better it’s getting worse. What in the heck is he thinking?? I’ll be glad when he gets booted out of office in 2024 he is so darn stupid and that’s putting it mildly you asked for a comment so I gave it to you!! and I’m sure that I am not alone in feeling this way about him and Kamala and Schumer and Nancy the whole swamp needs to go!!!

  27. Garland says:

    Fill up Air Force 1 and 2
    With the ILLEGAL send to the White House, give then tents for the South Lawn.
    Plenty room in the Basement at Joe home in Delaware , Turn Camp David to a Brake the Law ILLEGAL City.
    Da what day is it?Joe and Harris can take there own money to feed the Law Brakers
    Hunter can have his Own Drug Cartel.

    • DeeJay says:

      Maybe we should print out a list of all the Democrats addresses and hand them out to the Migrants. They can’t turn them away, All mighty Joe said so! Maybe then something will get done about this problem!

  28. Robert says:

    If you live in any border state——Lock & load!

  29. Richard says:

    Texas neede to request support from other states for buses and fuel. Load the imprints onto to the buses and send them to the white house.We have a new fence where they can stay’. If they run out of space before Joe changes his policy then send them to his home state until he does

    • Garland says:

      Send the 28,000 USA Army
      From guarding Joe Harris Nancy To The Border
      At least the will not be sleeping in cold Basement make sure the have live ammonium

  30. Ann Theisen says:

    Biden is either stupid or he is someone’s puppet. What are we supposed to do when the illegals knock on our doors demanding everything we have? They will want it all. Biden has a high fence and police protection. Most democrats have high fences around their homes. There is a reason. We need to take care of the United States first. I see now that Haitians are crossing the border. Where does it all end? We can’t house and feed the entire world.

  31. Charles Ulysses Farley says:

    Where in the hell is John Wilkes Booth or some similar bastard when we need him?

    • Steve Stacy says:

      Mr. Farley has the correct opinion on this situation, Biden is just saying “FUCK America”, he does not care about us in any way. He just cares about himself and the other rich pieces off shit that stand behind him. Have all the people that voted for him realized that it was a mistake, they’re ignorance is screwing us all.

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