Breaking: Andrew Cuomo Walks – Won’t Be Prosecuted


( – BREAKING NOW: Either former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is the luckiest man alive or, as many Americans believe, elected officials – even prosecutors – take care of one another and use a different standard of justice for themselves than they use for average, hard-working Americans.

Yet another New York prosecutor announced that he was dropping criminal charges against Cuomo just moments ago.

As National Review frames what happened:

“The Albany County District Attorney’s office said Tuesday it was dropping criminal charges of forcible touching against former New York governor Andrew Cuomo just days before he was set to be arraigned.

District attorney David Soares announced the dismissal of the misdemeanor criminal charges related to accusations that Cuomo forcibly touched a female aide in the governor’s mansion in December 2020, but added that the woman’s complaint was credible.” [emphasis added]

So, the complaint against Cuomo stating that he forcibly touched a woman on her breast was “credible,” but the district attorney is refusing to prosecute Cuomo.

Further, from National Review:

“Meanwhile, several other prosecutors indicated they would not file charges against the disgraced former governor, including Westchester district attorney Miriam Rocah who announced last week that her office had decided not to pursue criminal charges against Cuomo on two sexual harassment allegations, despite finding them “credible. [emphasis added]

Remarkable. Prosecutors keep finding the complaints from women against Cuomo “credible” but keep refusing to prosecute him.

Does this decision have the smell and appearance of political corruption coming from a state dominated by Democrats? You decide.

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