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Breaking: Arizona Deploying National Guard to Stop Illegals

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) has issued a Declaration of Emergency and the deployment of National Guard troops to the state’s southern border to assist local law enforcement with the overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants pouring into the U.S. from Mexico,” according to Blaze Media.

Ducey’s office announced the state of emergency, saying that ‘the State will provide up to $25 million in initial funding for the mission’ that entails up to 250 guardsmen assisting at border communities by providing medical care in detention centers, installing surveillance cameras, and other services.

“The media release noted that U.S. Customs and Border Protection saw more than 170,000 apprehensions at the U.S. southern border in March, nearly 19,000 of which ‘were unaccompanied children — more than four times the number of kids apprehended in March 2020.’

“‘The situation in our border communities is just as bad—if not worse—than the coverage we’ve been seeing,’ the governor said in a statement.

“He then hit out at the Biden administration’s failure to act on the crisis, saying: ‘It’s become evidently clear that Arizona needs the National Guard, and the White House is aware of that. Yet, to this day, there has been no action from this administration, and it doesn’t look like they are going to act any time soon. If this administration isn’t going to do anything, then we will.'”

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