Breaking: Biden Hits Putin Again


( – BREAKING NOW: Just moments ago, the presidential administration of Joe Biden announced it is banning the importation of Russian alcohol, seafood, and vodka and is asking the United States Congress to suspend trade relations with Russia.

As just reported by NBC News in “Biden calls for ending normal trade relations with Russia“:

“President Joe Biden on Friday called on Congress to join the European Union and the Group of Seven industrial nations in suspending normal trade relations with Russia, allowing new tariffs to be imposed in response to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

“In a speech at the White House, Biden said the U.S. will also ban imports of Russian alcohol, seafood and vodka.

“Revoking normal trade relations, which requires congressional action in the United States, would end Russia’s status as a “most favored nation,” a classification within the World Trade Organization that exempts a country from tariffs.”

At one point during his speech, Biden stated:

“‘As Putin continues his merciless assault, the United States and our allies and partners continue to work in lockstep to ramp up the economic pressures on Putin and to further isolate Russia on a global stage,’ Biden said.”

As one analyst noted this morning, Biden has assembled one of the largest international coalitions unified in opposition to Putin and coordinated in the most punishing economic sanctions ever aimed at a country in world history.

This is a breaking news alert.

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