BREAKING: Biden Launches Military Airstrike

( – BREAKING NOW: Just moments ago, the Chinese Spy Balloon that has been floating across the United States was shot down off the Eastern Seaboard.

Specifically, United States national security officials just announced that a Chinese spy balloon that had been spotted flying over US airspace was shot down near the Carolina coastline.

A mission to retrieve debris from the balloon in the Atlantic Ocean is underway.

Footage showed the balloon deflating and descending towards the water.

President Biden was asked about the possibility of shooting it down earlier on Saturday and replied, “We’re gonna take care of it.” The Federal Aviation Administration then closed three airports in North and South Carolina to aid the Department of Defense in a national security effort.

The Pentagon identified the balloon as a suspected Chinese surveillance device, but China’s Foreign Ministry claimed it was used for weather research and had veered off course.

The balloon was estimated to be around the size of two to three buses and floated at an altitude of 60,000 feet.

It was first seen by civilians in Montana on Wednesday and traveled over Canada, Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, and the US before being shot down on Saturday afternoon.