Breaking: Biden Sets An (Awful!) Record


( – He’s done it again.

He’s set another record.

He’s set another awful record.

There can be little doubt that President Joe Biden will now go down in history alongside former President Jimmy Carter as one of the worst presidents when it comes to inflation.

The inflation that is eating at hard-working Americans’ paychecks much faster than whatever – if any – paltry raises they may have received in recent years.

As Breitbart reports this morning:

“U.S. inflation rose to the highest level in nearly forty years in December, underscoring the high and rising inflation that has been the hallmark of the first year of Joe Biden’s presidency.

“The Labor Department said the Consumer Price Index—which tracks what consumers pay for goods and services—rose by seven percent from a year ago. That was the fastest 12-month pace since 1982 and the seventh straight month of inflation above 5 percent. In November, CPI was up 6.9 percent.” [emphasis added]

Here’s what those devastatingly bad numbers look like on a chart:

Consumer Price Index

What do you think? Have you noticed increased prices taking a large bite out of your paycheck or fixed income since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris came into office? Do you believe Biden and Harris feel your pain? Do you think they and the Democrats who control both houses of Congress are doing enough to combat inflation and protect the hard-earned dollars of average Americans? Send your thoughts and opinions to [email protected]. We respect all views and read all emails.

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