BREAKING: Deadly Hawaiian Inferno Caused by WHAT?!

( – BREAKING NOW: The alleged cause of the Hawaiian wildfire that has taken the lives of close to 100 people has been revealed, and if true, the outrage surrounding one of the worst disasters in decades will only grow.

Specifically, attorneys probing into the devastating Maui wildfires that resulted in 93 fatalities assert that the cause was malfunctioning equipment owned by Hawaiian Electric.

Mikal Watts, from the Watts Guerra firm involved in the investigation, stated to Bloomberg, “All evidence — videos, witness accounts, burn progression, and utility equipment remaining — points to Hawaiian Electric’s equipment being the ignition source of the fire that devastated Lahaina.”

Both Singleton Schreiber and Frantz Law Group firms concur, expressing that their investigations have led to the identical conclusion: Hawaiian Electric’s faulty equipment was responsible for igniting the flames which ravaged the vacation city of Lahaina recently.

In response, Hawaiian Electric, the power provider for 95% of Hawaii’s population, conveyed through a press release that the origin of the fires remains undetermined since a significant portion of the impacted area is still inaccessible. This comes after the most deadly US wildfire in over a hundred years.

Although the exact cause of the blaze remains undetermined by officials, Governor Josh Green emphasized that determining the cause might require extensive time, even weeks or months. He referred to this tragedy as Hawaii’s most catastrophic natural calamity.

Hawaiian Electric has been criticized for not shutting down power to its Maui Electric subsidiary, even though there were prior warnings about the perfect conditions for a wildfire due to upcoming dry, hurricane-level winds. For comparison, utility companies in states like California, Oregon, and Nevada adopted the practice of power shutdowns under similar conditions after the devastating 2020 fires.

Before the disaster in Maui, Hawaiian Electric had mentioned that powerful winds had brought down power lines in the vicinity.

Governor Green highlighted that the fires resulted in damage or total destruction of at least 2,200 structures in west Maui. The financial toll of this destruction is believed to be close to $6 billion, and a significant portion of the affected structures were residential, Green added.

Lahaina witnessed the highest level of devastation, with most of its infrastructure destroyed on a particular Tuesday. The severity of the fires was such that some inhabitants had to take desperate measures, like leaping into the sea to evade the flames.

Data from FEMA and the Pacific Disaster Center suggests that approximately 4,500 individuals have been rendered homeless due to the fires and now require shelter.

The Maui wildfires have surpassed the death toll of the 2018 Camp Fire in northern California, which claimed 85 lives and obliterated the town of Paradise.

Returning inhabitants of the ravaged regions, particularly in Lahaina and Kula, have been cautioned against consuming tap water and advised to only shower in rooms with good ventilation due to potential exposure to harmful chemical vapors.

Federal emergency personnel are presently surveying the devastated areas. Locations requiring thorough searches are being marked with an “X”, and sites where human remains are located are marked “HR”, as reported by Maui Police Chief John Pelletier.

Pelletier also issued a warning, suggesting that the alarming number of casualties might continue to rise.