Breaking: Firefighter Gunned Down


( – BREAKING NOW: On the same day that California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that he is dismantling California’s death row, a 47-year-old veteran firefighter who rose to the rank of Captain was gunned down and murdered while fighting a fire to save a building from being destroyed.

According to an ABC News station in California:

“Authorities say a Stockton fire captain died after being shot while battling a fire on Monday morning.

“Stockton police say fire crews responded to a dumpster fire near Aurora and Washington Streets around 4:45 am.

“The fire was spreading to a nearby building. Officials say shots were fired as crews worked to stop the flames, and 47-year-old Stockton Fire Captain Max Fortuna was hit.”

Captain Fortuna died of his injuries from the shooting. Fortuna was married with two children.

Law enforcement has taken a 67-year-old man into custody, and the police seized a gun.

This is a breaking news report from Reclaiming America. We will update this report with more information about the motive behind the shooting if that information becomes available.