Breaking: Gov. DeSantis Makes Huge Announcement

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

( – Just moments ago, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who polls show is hugely popular with his fellow Republicans both within the state of Florida and all across the United States, made the first of two major announcements that his supporters have been hoping for now that the 2021 election cycle is completed.

DeSantis announced that he would seek reelection next year as Florida’s Governor.

It is expected that if he wins reelection in 2022, and he is the early favorite to retain his office, he will then announce his candidacy to become President of the United States.

If he did so, it could put him in a direct political battle with former President Donald J. Trump if Trump decides to run again, as many political operatives believe he will soon make it clear that he will seek reelection.

While many Trump supporters tell pollsters that they would like a Trump/DeSantis ticket – with DeSantis running for Vice President – that is constitutionally impossible. The U.S. Constitution forbids a president and vice president from being residents of the same state.

In announcing his reelection candidacy, DeSantis stated that he should be reelected based on his record, arguing that he has “delivered on all fronts.” He went on to say, “Florida’s economy is strong; we’ve boosted teacher pay, made historic investments in Everglades restoration and water quality, signed strong election integrity legislation, provided unparalleled support for law enforcement, and appointed strong constitutionalists to our state courts.”

What do you believe? What is your opinion? Do you think DeSantis has earned election as Florida’s governor? Would you like him to run for the presidency in 2024?

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