BREAKING: He’s Been Fired

( – BREAKING NOW: The much despised and embattled Chief Executive Officer of CNN, Chris Licht, has been relieved of his job after one of the shortest tenures in news media history.

According to multiple sources, Licht is stepping down (read, pushed out) from his role following a damaging magazine article that upset employees and key leaders at the network who demanded his resignation.

Warner Bros. Discovery, the company that owns CNN, announced that Licht would leave his role immediately.

Licht’s exit comes just over a year after he replaced Jeff Zucker, the well-liked former network head who had to leave his job due to the disclosure of a relationship with a lower-ranking employee.

Licht had claimed that Zucker was trying to undermine his leadership by spreading negative information about the news division.

David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, expressed his admiration for Licht in a statement. He acknowledged that leading CNN was a challenging task, especially during a period of significant changes and transformation, and praised Licht for his dedicated efforts.

A source reported that Licht had told his frustrated supporters, “I hope they get the leader they deserve.”

The company announced that, for now, Licht’s role will be filled by a group of experienced programming leaders. This includes Entelis, the Executive Vice President of Talent and Content Development; Virginia Moseley, Executive Vice President of Editorial; and Eric Sherling, who oversees programming in the United States.

David Leavy, a trusted assistant to Zaslav who was recently appointed as Chief Operating Officer, will manage the business side, according to Warner Bros. Discovery.