BREAKING: Labor Strike Will Cripple Nation Starting Friday!?!

Freight Railcar

( – HAPPENING NOW: With the latest offer just rejected moments ago, a pending railroad union labor strike could cripple the United States starting this Friday.

As National Review is just reporting in “Railroad Union Rejects Proposed Labor Deal as Strike Deadline Approaches“:

“A labor union that represents U.S. railroad workers said its 4,900 members voted against a deal its leaders had reached with U.S. freight railroads.

“The vote comes after the union, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), became one of ten labor groups to tentatively agree to contract recommendations made by a nonpartisan panel appointed by President Biden, the Wall Street Journal reported. Two other unions have yet to reach a deal, the report adds.”

After the union members rejected the deal, the union issued the following statement:

“IAM freight rail members are skilled professionals who have worked in difficult conditions through a pandemic to make sure essential products get to their destinations. We look forward to continuing that vital work with a fair contract that ensures our members and their families are treated with the respect they deserve for keeping America’s goods and resources moving through the pandemic.”

Indications are that over 75% of the union members rejected the current proposed deal. The unions have threatened to strike if a new agreement is not reached and agreed to by rank-and-file members by Friday at 12:01 a.m.

A strike would bring almost all freight that moves across the country by rail to a halt. Experts indicate the ramifications would be felt almost immediately.