BREAKING: Leading Democrat Arrested on Bribery Charges


( – BREAKING NOW: A leading New York State Democrat, Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin, has been arrested on charges of bribery and other federal offenses surrounding campaign finance activity.

Benjamin’s arrest comes not long after former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was forced from office under a cloud of criminal allegations.

According to National Review:

“New York lieutenant governor Brian Benjamin was arrested and charged with bribery — among other federal offenses — on Tuesday. The charges are related to a scheme in which Benjamin is alleged to have funneled state funds to a Harlem real estate developer in exchange for illegal campaign contributions

“Benjamin ‘participated in a scheme to obtain campaign contributions from a real estate developer (“CC-1″) in exchange for Benjamin’s agreement to use, and his actual use of, his official authority and influence as a New York state senator to obtain a $50,000 grant of state funds…for a non-profit organization controlled by CC-1,’ the indictment states.” [emphasis added]

Here’s more about Benjamin:

“Benjamin represented Harlem in the state senate beginning in 2017, until Hochul appointed him lieutenant governor. Benjamin backed New York’s bail reform legislation that eliminated cash bail for misdemeanors and “non-violent” felonies, and also expressed support for the “defund the police” movement during his campaign for city comptroller.” [emphasis added]

Reclaiming America will monitor the case against Benjamin as it moves forward and publish any significant developments.

This is a breaking news report.