Breaking: Manhunt for School Shooter Happening Now – Reclaiming America

Breaking: Manhunt for School Shooter Happening Now

( – Update: The suspect has now been captured by the police and is in custody facing multiple charges.

HAPPENING NOW: An urgent manhunt is underway for 18-year old Timothy George Simpkins – see photo below – who may be driving a 2018 Silver Dodge Charger with a Texas license plate of PFY-6260. Timothy George Simpkins should be considered as armed and extremely dangerous. If spotted, police advise that you please do not approach Simpkins. Instead, immediately dial 911 so that law enforcement professionals can apprehend Simpkins and bring him to justice.

Simpkins is wanted for allegedly shooting multiple victims at Mansfield Timberview High School in Arlington, Texas, where he reportedly got into a fight with a teacher before shooting the teacher and several other victims.

It is believed that Simpkins then fled Mansfield Timberview High School. He may still be in the Arlington, Texas, area. Or, he may have fled Arlington and could be miles away by now. For that reason, law enforcement authorities have issued a nationwide alert for Simpkins, given the gravity of the offense he is alleged to have committed. 

The two videos below show what is believed to be the fight and then what is believed to be students scrambling to find safety after the shooting erupted.

Update #1 – Authorities report:

  • Four injured (3 hospitalized, one minor injury)
  • Police believe the student (identified as Timothy George Simpkins) “got into a fight and drew a weapon.”
  • Search for suspect (identified as Timothy George Simpkins) is still ongoing

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