Breaking: More Dire News For Ukraine

( – BREAKING NOW: Just moments ago, the administration of President Joe Biden warned the government of Ukraine that American intelligence experts believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin will launch a “full-scale” invasion of Ukraine within the next 48 hours.

As reported in a Newsweek exclusive:

“‘The President of Ukraine has been warned Russia will highly likely begin an invasion within 48 hours based on U.S. intelligence,’ a U.S. official with direct knowledge told Newsweek.

“‘Additionally,’ the U.S. official added, ‘reporting from aircraft observers indicates Russia violated Ukrainian airspace earlier today, flying possible reconnaissance aircraft for a short period over Ukraine.’…

“The Pentagon’s assessment includes Russian airstrikes, cruise missiles and ground invasion, according to the U.S. intelligence official.”

Putin has amassed upwards of 200,000 troops – the largest military force on the European continent since the Second World War – around the border of Ukraine, and observers on the ground indicate that some of those troops have already moved across the border from their staging areas.

This is a breaking news alert.