BREAKING: New Extremely Deadly Covid Strain Developed Intentionally

( – US researchers have deliberately developed a new strain of COVID-19 capable of killing four-fifths of those infected, a report has revealed.

Scientists at Boston University have created a hybrid of the original coronavirus out of China’s Wuhan and its Omicron variant, which has “an 80% kill rate,” The Daily Mail disclosed.

The report that a brand-new and presumably far more deadly coronavirus has been engineered in the United States has sparked outrage and condemnation of the BU researchers.

“The revelation exposes how dangerous virus manipulation research continues to go on even in the US, despite fears similar practices may have started the pandemic,” the report stated.

A published study has demonstrated that 8 out of 10 mice infected with the newly crafted coronavirus died in the BU lab.

The new man-made coronavirus is an example of the so-called “gain of function research” in which viruses are enhanced to become more lethal and infectious amid suspicions that the COVID-19 pandemic started after a natural lab-boosted virus “escaped” a laboratory in China’s Wuhan.

Boston University and Florida scientists extracted spike protein from the Omicron variant and attached it to the original COVID-19 strain.

In their experiment, four-fifths of the mice infected with the new virus died, while those infected only with the Omicron variant all survived.

“In…mice, while Omicron causes mild, non-fatal infection, the Omicron S-carrying virus inflicts severe disease with a mortality rate of 80%,” the researchers wrote in their paper.

Prof. Shmuel Shapira, a leading scientist in the government of Israel, has condemned the research.

“This should be totally forbidden. It’s playing with fire,” he declared.

Dr. Richard Ebright, a chemist at Rutgers University in New Jersey, argued that the research that has now created a far more deadly coronavirus strain necessitated immediate oversight, or it risked causing a new pandemic.

“It is especially concerning that this new US-government enhanced potential pandemic pathogen (ePPP) research – like the previous US-government ePPP research on chimeric SARS-related coronaviruses at Wuhan Institute of Virology that may have caused the pandemic – appears not to have undergone the prior risk-benefit review mandated under US-government policies,” Ebright said.

“If we are to avoid a next lab-generated pandemic, it is imperative that oversight of ePPP research be strengthened… and that officials at US-government agencies who repeatedly have placed the public at risk by repeatedly violating the existing policies be held accountable,” he argued.

Pandemic concerns led to the halting of gain of function research in the US between 2014 and 2017, but since then, the National Institutes of Health allowed it and its funding with US taxpayer money.

“Given the strong likelihood that the Covid pandemic originated from the escape of a lab-manipulated coronavirus in Wuhan, these experiments seem profoundly unwise,” said Prof. David Livermore, a professor of microbiology at the UK’s University of East Anglia.

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