BREAKING NOW: Just moments ago, the United States Senate acquitted former President Donald J. Trump of the Article of Impeachment charging him with Incitement of Insurrection concerning the riot that took place at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.

This is the second time that Trump has prevailed in the Senate over impeachments brought by Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Politically, this means Trump is free to run again in 2024.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as needed…

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree with the Senate’s acquittal of former President Trump? Why or why not?



  1. Don jr. Is right I live in ky. And have know mitch mc connel for years he has never been more than a sale out to the highest bidder people in ky. Are not voting for him again after what he did to prident trump yes I said President Trump that piece of shit in there now could match a pimple on a hogs ass . But that would disgracing the hog unless you refer nancy pelosi a hogs ass looks better than her and a whole lot smarter to.

  2. Daniel Stewart says:

    Congratulations Mr. Trump on your Senate impeachment acquittal. Thank you Senators who stood by our President and reversed this kangaroo court travesty of justice. To the Republican Senators who voted to convict President Trump,good luck in your new jobs. My two brothers and I are all U.S. Navy Vietnam veterans who voted for Donald Trump in November 2015 and if I may presume to speak for them we will all vote for him again in 2024. Biden is too stupid to be President and I only hope this great country survives his idiocy until we can vote for Donald Trump for President again in 2024 and 2028. I’ll bet you dumbass Democrats didn’t think of that did you? By cheating him out of a second term this time, you’ve enabled him to run for two terms next time because they won’t be consecutive. LOL!! The Jackass is the perfect party mascot for you dumbass Democrats.

  3. Robert Wood says:

    Biden’s proved he is not the man for the job by not building on the good Trump had done, only tearing it down. Partisan politics and cancel culture is destroying our country. These elected officials were to serve the people and run our government not tear it down. Biden has become a dictator trying to rule with the stroke of a pen. Now that they have successfully silenced us, curbed our religious freedoms, he goes after our second amendment rights. The democrats have launched an all out assault on the constitution and our rights. They want to declare Marshall Law so they can rule and finish their socialist agenda. The insurrection at the capitol was preplanned and carried out by leaders of Antifa’s, BLM, and democrats, the one in horns was a democrat judges son, it was done so they could lay blame on us conservatives and I have no doubt paid for by the democratic party or George Soros. If the assault continues on the citizens of the United States, the people will be left with no alternative but to rebel against an oppressive government and do whatever is necessary to take it back. Here is a point of LAW, only the legislatures in the contested states had the authority to do or modify mail-in-ballots, not governors, secretaries of state, or election officials no matter the emergency powers. One point of Federal Law, in a federal election no votes not in on the day of the election shall be counted, so by the law President Trump is still the President of the United States, SCOTUS knows this but will not take the case because they fear the democrats. BLM and Antifa, backed by the democrats have torn down our monuments, destroying much of our history, terrorizing all that oppose them, going after an opposing political party, teaching critical race theory and you have to denounce your whiteness, in our government and schools which is racist in itself, changing our history. I have no objection to adding Indian and Black History, but rewriting history is something that a Nazi or communist would do for their own gain. We have a choice either this has to stop or bloodshed, submission, or slavery will be the future of the people of this country.

  4. Sharon land says:

    Why aren’t people pushing back. We have the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. The government does Not have the right to take our businesses, continually raise taxes because of their wreckless spending, force people to wear masks! Check out Florida. The government does Not have the right to tell you ,you can’t sing in outside or anywhere else. On n on. Let’s start suing (citizens) every politician. We don’t get paid, they don’t get paid! Lets remind them ‘they work for us! It’s

  5. Adam says:

    Agree 100 % with the Senate’s decision to declare President Trump NOT guilty. The Democrats tried to destroy him in every way possible ,,,especially politically. And they failed. Their attempts was a “comedy of errors” Now they are “shaking” in their boots and afraid of him more than ever. He deserves our respect and support for his untiring devotion to our great country

  6. Penny says:

    It all was nothing but a smear to get people to distrust what Trump was doing. All of the people who were bailing out the BLM people who were causing havic on our country need be impeached. They have put it in their minds that they can do anything and get away with it, for they won’t spend time in jail for their actions.

  7. Eric Frey says:

    It’s hard to believe that we had to go that crap again. Trump was the best thing that happened to our country in 50 years. For once we had a leader that had some balls and wasn’t afraid of the establishment and their corruption. This cult of poisonous democrats and rhino’s needs to be removed from Washington and Trump and his people are just the ones to do it. Shame on any of you people that listen to MSM and their lying news stories and side with up with the dark side. You’re all playing right into their hands! They are laughing and loving it! I personally didn’t care for Trump prior to his presidency but he clearly showed he is NOT afraid of the Washington elite. You haters should be thankful for that! Wake up but in the meantime while our fuel prices escalate, taxes rise out of control and jobs are lost thanks to the dems policies, we can watch what was once a wonderful USA is turning to socialist nightmare. Good grief people!!! WAKE UP!!!! TRUMP 2024

  8. robert says:

    .God save America, please we don’t need anymore reruns of his inability to run a country, now we have Joe back, he is well seasoned in operation of the day to day running of the us government, and has done so for 8 years not long ago.i am so glad we are in good hands again,,,

    • Miha says:

      You’re a joke & a commie! Get the hell out of the U.S. of America “the peoples government”:::

    • S.N.A.F.U says:

      Robert, Pick up your Crack pipe & stick it up your dumb Socialist ass!
      Because clearly your smokin crack if you think
      Biden is going to save us
      He only has 1 thing on his mind & thats how much
      $$$ he can make off your dumb ass as slave labor!
      It was the Abraham Lincoln & the Republican party that ended slavery!
      And it took a Democratic
      Black President to write
      E.O.13603 legalizing Slavery for the continuity of government
      And Biden has restarted
      Obama’s plans on destroying the U.S. they don’t give a rats ass about you or your constitutional rights especially the 1st & 2nd
      You do realize that Obama
      tripled the national debt
      by funding a private army on U.S. soil which is in direct violation of the Constitution which states that no government ours or foreign shall ever establish a separate army on U.S. soil & this is an act of TREASON against the Constitution & The framers of the Constitution wrote the 2nd Admendment as a last line of defense giving you the unalienable right to bear arms against such
      threats to the Constitution which means you have a civic duty to
      Rise up & bear arms against all threats & corrupt politicians domestic & foreign for the soul purpose of reestablishing the Constitution to its former glory to ensure freedom & justice for all to enjoy . . .
      I dont give a shit who you call god or who you vote for because thats your right but don’t fuck with the Constitution because I swore to defend it & your rights & I sacrificed my health & body parts in doing my patriotic part just so fucking retards like you could live free but if you think for 1 moment we are going to let the liberals turn this great nation into a Socialist Country your in for 1 hell of a fight

      • Raul Dick says:

        I don’t like socialism, do not trust President Biden, and the Democrat party does not represent me either. Like you, I also love our Constitution. Honoring its statues to channel our political differences is what defines American Exceptionalism. Patriotism and love of country can not be nurtured with hate for your country-fellow, but with respect and willingness to listen.

    • Cher says:

      Well Robert, sleepy has been in office for 30+yrs but of course you would not know that just like the rest of you stupid about politics!! You were lied too 100% and used.he went back on his promises on day one. He’s also tried to run for president over n over++again and got nowhere! Because he is a habitchual lyer, he’s still lying about how his wife died, he lies about all of his son’s crapp! And he tells lies about himself everyday.Thats what lyers do, they believe what they lie about, even if they know you know the truth. So maybe you should take a history class or 3 & political science then you might know a little bit. But that’s right they (Dems) took those classes out of the school’s too. So you are blind to their Evel schemes! What a pitty!!!

    • Brooks says:

      “In good hands again”, as he is killing jobs by the thousands, with the stroke of a pen, putting illegal aliens and convicts over the average American citizen, with vaccinations, inviting illegal aliens to come to the country despite all the job killing policies he is pushing, pushing US dollar destroying socialistic payments instead of putting the populace back to work, and these are just for starters. Just how is this “knowing how to run a country”??

    • Maria Nelan says:

      The only thing Biden is seasoned in is corruption 47 plus years and all he did was line his pockets with other peoples money he a liar and a thief and he has already started the decline of our country he is CCP’s puppet dog!!!

  9. robert says:

    Well,its over for Trump, the Senators who voted to aquit him, they need to rethink what they have done, they made it possible to let this idiot run again, and to be honest you have to be one dumb m..f… to vote for him,i hope that biden lives his full term and hopefully with 4 more years to go with it, if he could pass a law that wouldnt let him run again..there has to be a loophole on the got the time to find it.
    So, after all this crazy crap, he is still responsible for getting 5 innocent people killed over this mess he created,after all this he sits in Mar-A-Lago or playing he did on our dime when he was in office at the time,,more then 280 or near rhat while he should have been working.And his wife removing the gardens at the white house, which was a historical landmark for all the wives whose husbands were in office, they had the opportunity to make there mark in making a mark for them in that garden, which today is gone forever, except the pictures that are in archives or exist..i’m glad i didnt vote for this maniac..he is a fool to think he can run again..he should hide his head in shame ….God save America

    • CHARLES DANIEL says:

      Well Robert, the Bible states in Proverbs That we are hung by the tongue, We are what we say and will be judged be what we have said in the judgement day. It is clear that you are supported by freebies, I have served in the armed forces in the 1960″s, took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. If you have a brain, you could see the benefits that Donald Trump has accomplished for our nation, especially the vets. Cut taxes, made thousands of jobs and brought back manufacturing business back to your home land. I guess you just might be an illegal, or in the DOCA program. These folks have been sucking up free stuff for 20 or more years and NEVER applied for citizenship. So what’s up with YOU?

      • Edwin Vincent says:

        You are 100% correct charles,he Robert didn’t like Trump because he saw his freebies going out the window! I work full time and am very thankful for the tax cuts that our president Donald J Trump enacted! My fear is all the great things he did will be undone in no time! We need to work diligently on Sleepy time Joe’s impeachment! Bear this in mind Robert,went the economy tanks,so will your freebies that Biden is handing out,because with 90% of Americans being out of work,and that figure is probably on the low side,all that tax money coming in to fund your freebies will be non existent! Thank you for your service in the military Charles,our country,at least the true patriots salute you!

    • Jackie says:

      He will not only run again, but he’s going to win! Suck it up! 🤣🤣🤣

    • PAMELA says:

      Trump never took a penny of salary for being president. He gave it all back and lived on his own dime.

  10. Carol Bartlett says:

    I am very content with the outcome of the impeachment debacle! I am not pleased with the Republicans who felt the need to go over to the dark side! This could well haunt them in the future! Just saying!

  11. Carmen says:

    Of course I agree with the acquittal. This useless, unconstitutional show could not have succeeded. It was all for show, another hoax and coup lost by the democrats. They are the real criminals, racists, totalitarians and haters of American values and our rights. We need to watch them closely and also hold them accountable for heir misdeeds and crimes!

  12. Don says:

    Who, honestly believes that democrats are peaceful? – – –

    Democrats’ Violent Rhetoric Now Leading to Death in Streets

  13. Don says:

    Peaceful, non-violent liberals? Where can we find those ? ? ?

    20 Liberal Calls For Violence Against Conservatives in Quotes

  14. Rick says:

    I agree with the acquittal, however he shouldn’t have been on trial or charged to begin with.

  15. donald stevens says:

    If I were Trump I would not forget those Republicans that supported the Democrates thay are traitors and cowards.Romney Mc Connall Barr should be removed from the republican party and others that voited for the Democrates.Thay support baby killing Romney is supposed to be a Christian, he has turned his face from God.Thay make me sick along with Biden Harris Pelosi Thay thank thay are Gods,thay want power and will do anything to get it.Thay are trying to destroy America and are freedom. lam so glad that Donald Trump won, you will always be my president.

    • Viera says:

      Amen to that!! He is my President to; President Trump is legitimate President, he WON the Election, he is the President to us and 75 M Patriotic Americans

      • Carrie T says:

        Get a grip. Trump DID NOT WIN, HE LIED AND HE’S GUILTY AS SIN. Anyone who THINKS or BELIEVES his Lies should be getting their heads examined. The one’s who’s afraid of Cheetoman and his group voted him NOT guilty, but the real patriots were the republicans that voted for the Truth and the Constitution voted the truth…….GUILTY!!!!!

        • sheepdog says:

          You’re a very demented person.

        • Elaine says:

          These 25000 illegal aliens that where captured and waiting in Mexico to come to the United States and now sleeply joe is allowing them in the United States.

          Where r they going 2 stay. Is he going to allowed them to stay at the white house?

          He is the craziest man in the world.

        • Brooks says:

          “Voted for the truth and constitution”, you mean the ones who joined the ranks of those who are presently attacking our first and second ammendments of our God given Bill of Rights, just for starters? These “supporters” of our constitution??

  16. Paul Letteri says:

    After seeing what the 🧠 brain dead biden hair Ass agenda and the 4 horse women of the Apocalypse is already doing to take away jobs ,and let in Illegals with disease, drugs, and violent gang members ,how sick is that? We are the #1 producer of oil and gas in the world ,biden is stopping this so we can import this from our enemies. You will see your taxes raised
    ,high unemployment ,higher crime from their anti police agenda ,and $4+
    For home heating oil and gasoline ,and make us even more prone to getting into a war with China – Taiwan agenda. ,80:million mailin ballots Do lie! Anyone with 1/2 a brain knows Biden couldn’t fill a phone booth at his rallies ,75+ Million Americans know who is our true president Donald Trump !!

    • Paul Letteri says:

      The true winner of the 2020 election President Donald Trump.
      We all know that corpse -Biden could not win the election .
      At his rallies were like a turn out to a bad drive in movie .
      The corrupt multimedia scum zuckburg -Lizard ,Ahole Dorsey and Google
      Cancers + the the fake 80 million ballots the American people know this was rigged ,and already Biden is ruining lives ,layoff offs during a pandemic really , letting in all 5he illegal 👽 s really ? Stopping our countries life’s blood for mfg oil, and gas. We are going to import gas and oil ,at much higher cost to us tax payers ,and 10 x the carbon pollution footprint. Please remind me where we are creating jobs and eliminating pollution ? We need a real president who stands up for America .
      Donald Trump 2024, 2025 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 !!

    • Paul Letteri says:

      The true winner of the 2020 election President Donald Trump.
      We all know that corpse -Biden could not win the election .
      At his rallies were like a turn out to a bad drive in movie .
      The corrupt multimedia scum zuckburg -Lizard ,Ahole Dorsey and Google
      Cancers + the the fake 80 million ballots the American people know this was rigged ,and already Biden is ruining lives ,layoff offs during a pandemic really , letting in all 5he illegal 👽 s really ? Stopping our countries life’s blood for mfg oil, and gas. We are going to import gas and oil ,at much higher cost to us tax payers ,and 10 x the carbon pollution footprint. Please remind me where we are creating jobs and eliminating pollution ? We need a real president who stands up for America .
      Donald Trump 2024, 2025 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 !!

    • Pete letteri says:

      The true winner of the 2020 election President Donald Trump.
      We all know that corpse -Biden could not win the election .
      At his rallies were like a turn out to a bad drive in movie .
      The corrupt multimedia scum zuckburg -Lizard ,Ahole Dorsey and Google
      Cancers + the the fake 80 million ballots the American people know this was rigged ,and already Biden is ruining lives ,layoff offs during a pandemic really , letting in all 5he illegal 👽 s really ? Stopping our countries life’s blood for mfg oil, and gas. We are going to import gas and oil ,at much higher cost to us tax payers ,and 10 x the carbon pollution footprint. Please remind me where we are creating jobs and eliminating pollution ? We need a real president who stands up for America .
      Donald Trump 2024, 2025 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 !!

    • Robert Martin says:

      You mean the whore of babylon and the old pedophile.

      • Ellie says:

        Yes. Thats Biden.I would hate that nasty man touching any woman or young girl in my family.He needs to crawl to his basement to hibernate for the rest of winter!

  17. Steve Welch says:

    It’s time to purge our government of all communist AKA (democrat) traitors. Many need to be imprisioned and some worse! The republican traitors as well. We must return to Godly ways or things will never change!

    • Susan Hobson says:

      I never believed anything different. My President is always Trump. The Democrat’s fraudulently persuade this trial and the election and they are all treasonous non american blundering fools. It is time for people to wake the hell up. The only way this country is going to bounce back is to put the rightful President back in office so he can start turning things back around.

    • Ellie says:


  18. rick says:

    Now, put the bumbling, blowhards, & boobs, (aka commiecrats) on trial for false testimony & completely lawless stupidity, make it fair, then take ’em out & hang ’em! It’s no better than they deserve!

  19. Donna Kujawa says:

    Give God All The Praise And Glory. LORD JESUS CHRIST Annointed a wonderful lawyer and honest Republicans. Now we can celebrate. This is a day to go down in History. President Donald Trump has been VINDICATED!!!!!

  20. Larry Walker says:

    Because he is innocent Good news

  21. Marc Faulkner says:

    We need to start impeachment steps for the Democrat zombie biden and his sidekick camel toe Harris now before they ruin our country altogether!!!

  22. maxibaby says:

    Yes, I totally agree with the verdict!
    Why? Because it was just another Democrat lie and false accusation aka a phony conspiracy theory! This time to barr DJT from running for the office of the Presidency of the United States of America EVER AGAIN! That had better not happen, period!
    You failed again Dems, you godless heathens serving and doing the bidding of your master,,,.satan! He waits to dominate and control you with your reward of fire, brimstone and pain for eternity! What a deserving bunch you are!

  23. Kris says:

    Hallelujah – Let there be light Truth to be told, President Trump did not cause an attack on January 6th, 2021!!!
    We 75 million of us knew this and have supported President Trump and continue to do that. It was obviously staged operation and obviously not commanded by President Trump. Trump 2024 ❤️🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸

  24. Billy jones says:

    YEA ! NOW TIME TO GET RID OF TRAITORS IN primaries and get ready for ( THE GREAT TAKEBACK )IN 2024

    • PAMELA says:

      If all these illegals come in at our wall-less border, there won’t be a USA by 2024, especially if they renew the Iran deal.

  25. Robin Badillo says:

    Praise the Lord!
    Now the Democrats can get to work!

    • Ellie says:

      Now this I doubt! They only know how to spend our money & impeach Trump!

    • T. Camarda says:

      To Carmen and Robert you need to get your ass out and move to Guatamala, see how you like it there. That is what this country is headed for if these people stay in power. They don’t give a crap about anybody but themselves and how they can enrich themselves like lying crooked Joe.

  26. Brian K Conrad says:

    This was never about crimes or impeachment. It was always about preventing President Trump from ever running for president again. Leftist communists know they can’t replicate their theft of a presidency again. They know they will be watched much more closely in 2024. And just wait for next year. They will lose the house and senate.

  27. lefty says:

    SOSO.The democraps,their turd world hordes-letist media-businesses should all be immediately and permanently deported out of the USA. In NYState let’s start with Cuimo and the NYC crowd

  28. Lawrence Mervine says:

    President Trump was attacked from the moment he declared his candidacy for
    President. To date, those involved including H.Clinton, B. Obama,J. Biden,
    Klapper,Comey,FBI and DOJ officials have never faced trial. A lonely FBI
    lawyer as he only one indicated. It would only be fair to bring the
    above mentioned “Trump haters” to justice now!!

  29. Jeff says:

    This hearing just proved the extent the democrats will go to undermine American people!! Doctored documents and out right lies.. Roits all year were praised by the same party trying to convict!! Maybe some sleeping people will be waking up and start thinking for themselves!! Divide and conquer is the goal. Wake up America.. We are seen as illiterate in the eyes of the elite!! The’ve pissed down our backs and tried to convince us it’s just rain. Midterm elections are the way to show them we are tired of the bs.. Just set back and watch how prices of everything skyrockets and jobs be destroyed all across this nation.. It’s only just begun!! Equality is not the goal..complete dominance and silence is their goal!! Stop wasting tax payers money!! Stop the quest to further divide our nation!! All your corruption has been exposed. They proved fraud is part of their plans!! Evidence had to be removed because it was just that! FRAUD

    • angela grivas says:

      angela grivas
      I agree. If you want America back the first thing to do is get rid of Dominion Voting machines, they are programmed to only take Democratic votes. Then, we need Trump back. 2022 will then be a success. Oh, I forgot, oust Mcconnell along with the other traitors.

  30. Dusan says:

    I knew he would be acquitted the Liberals are wasting tax payers dollars. I think President Trump is the best, now we need to do something with the Liberals.

  31. SYB says:

    Yes the truth came out however Biden is not the legal president but Trump is as he won Nov.3,2020 by a landslide. Biden and Harris should be removed and put in jail along with Pelosi, Schumer, and all other demoRats for treason. God us in control and HE knows the truth.

  32. Brenda Winters says:

    Yeah!!!! I was praying, I am just frustrated with the Republicans who jumped ship! Trump did not incite that riot, it was already in the making long before he did his speech to his followers… the Demon Democrats are hypocrites, they lied, they manipulated videos and they are more guilty of inciting riots along with their nasty tones. This to me was their personal vendetta to get Trump at any cost!!!! I have no respect for the Democratic Party at all….I am very happy he was acquitted and that there are a few Republicans left with some guts!!!

    • Cher says:

      Those bad rioters were hired to do exactly what they did. It didn’t matter who died or what damage was done! Just shows you how psycho n obsessed they really are. What a disgrace.

  33. Emmett Nichols says:

    Democratic cities have fallen apart allowing BLM,ANTIFA and all those other so called freedom walkers to burn,loot and intimidate citizens in their cities. They stopped the police and others from doing anything to protect life and property. If you like living like cowards and brow beaten people ,move to Minnesota,Portland or someplace like that. We will keep our eyes open for troublemakers and instigators.,like the current administration.

  34. Theanna Benefiel says:


  35. Ronnie says:

    That’s the best news I hope he does run again and runs all the Democrats out of office I’m so tired of their lies and deceptions they are dangerous for the American people

  36. Donna Wickings says:

    I agree that the demes should all be in perched

  37. Emmett Nichols says:

    Its extremely obvious the Pelosi,Schumer Aoc ,Omar ,Democrats and that idiot Raskin are going to get what’s coming to them next year. McConnell had better be paying attention cause his pettiness might cost him more than he knows because of this farce.

  38. Beverly says:

    I am relieved that President Trump had truth and justice in his corner. This mock “trial” should never had
    happened. It was a waste of time and tax payer’s money, totally unfair to President Trump and the American
    people. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this level of hatred and political viciousness ever! Perhaps, going
    forward our country can focus on healing instead of hating!

  39. Norma Bigbee says:

    Trumps attorneys made them look like idiots. I hope they get what they deserve.

  40. Frank says:

    It saddens me to say This but as long as corruption like voter Fraud exists in America, this country will remain weak from within,Our biggest downfall is voters who keep people like Nasty Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer as others like them in office unfortunately America will never reach It’s full potential, for a more positive future Democrats need to be removed from all political offices!Permanently

    • Calico Native says:

      Women in politics are the worst! Pelosi, Harris, Clinton, Cheney, Whitmer, Cortez to mention a few. You would think that they bring something positive to the table but just the opposite.

  41. David E. Campbell says:

    Yes I agree. The whole thing was a farce. If anyone should be impeached, it should be the entire Democrat leadership, House and Senate. I believe the Democrat party should be held responsible and have to repay all of the taxpayer’s money they wasted in this political sham.

  42. Karen Nault says:

    Awesome news!!!! He should still be our President and he definitely has my vote in 2024. Maybe he will be able to drain the swamp fully in his next term as the our greatest President ever.

  43. Georgeann says:

    Trump still showed Republicans still have the floor Now they will let the Democratics undo everything they could not undo why he was in ofc. President Trump was a great president because he overrun both parties and really stood for the people

  44. They stupidity of this sham impeachment was just overwhelming. These idiot dumocrats should ALL lose their jobs for wasting tax payer money on their hatefull, hatefilled BS. Now do your damn jobs or get the hell out of the way so others can.
    STOP WASTING TAX PAYER MONEY ON YOUR OWN STUPIDITY. President Trump is the only President we have had who has put the USA first–now get over it you ignorant Dumocrats

    • Edwin Vincent says:

      Donald J Trump did a great justice for America,lower taxes,Safer Borders,economic stability,keeping our country out of a war,amongst a bevy of other accomplishments,can’t and will never say that of the Democrats running the show!

  45. Rosemary Worsham says:

    I am so excited and happy especially to see the democrats dont have total control and the truth has prevailed Trump 2024 he has my vote

    • Edwin Vincent says:

      Let’s all Talley together Rosemary,we need to take back what was stolen from up,anyone that refuses to acknowledge the vast amount of voter “f” word that took place doesn’t belong in this country! Let the Republicans have the oxygen,ship the rest to outer space,I hear it’s a large place!

  46. Calico Native says:

    It is a shame what the President of the US was put through to endure! The Nation was lost in November to white collar criminals which includes our judicial system.

  47. Jeff Paulsen says:

    No surprise here. Democrats in Congress don’t seem to have anything better to do other than waste time, money, destroy honest citizen’s lives, incite fear and governmental power over the rest of the country. This behavior is in direct opposition to why our Founding Fathers created this nation and why the Constitution was put in place. The Constitution puts power to the people, not power to the government. Total reversal, it took decades to accomplish this. Each step was one step further away from God our creator. No more in God we trust, abortion is legalized, no more praying in school, transgenderism, you name it – if it hasn’t been done yet, it will probably be tried to put our nation further away from God. Socialism is next it seems. We need to give our country back to God our Father.

  48. Lucy says:

    Yes,I love it.Now we need to impeach all the democrats

  49. Frank Wickert says:

    Anyone with half a brain knew that Trump was not guilty of the HOR single article of impeachment. As for the Republicans who voted for impeachment, you don’t belong in the Republican Party, so get the hell out ASAP!! I’ll look forward to seeing Donald running again in 2024. In the meantime, I hope somebody on our side is working hard to rid our elections of voter fraud.

  50. Mary says:

    Hallelujah…impeachment was pure “because-we-hate-him” politics…Congress can get back to real business, now.

    Unfortunately, we, the taxpayer still get stuck with the bill!

  51. Jerome says:

    Let’s not get distracted by this impeachment farce–Dems real focus is on winning the elections in 2022 and beyond and from its perspective, this travesty of impeachment may have accomplished its purpose–to cast as much doubt on Trump and Republican conservative integrity as possible in the minds of “swing voters” for the 2022 elections. We must stay focused on election reform prior to 2022–every legal vote counts; every illegal vote does not count. Without that, we are all just “whistling in the wind”–democracy dies and the rich and powerful oligarchy continues to rule.

  52. Denny says:

    Dementia Joe must be impeached now! Jeopardizing the lives of American citizens with his immigration stance for VOTES and revoking what President Trump negotiated to pay for the Air Force 1 adding another 1.4 billion for same plane.
    What an idiot!

    This illegitimate regime has to go!

    Hopefully, it will be TRUMP a hell of a lot sooner than 2024.

    • Calico Native says:

      Kamala is a dangerous fascist. She must be removed along with Biden!
      The Recall Newsom movement collected more than 1.5 M signatures necessary to recall Dem Gov Newsom who destroyed California! We are on a roll!

      • Cher says:

        Oh yes, she’s just waiting for sleepy to croke or stroke !!! And that’s not really being the first female president, everyone was forced to except her. What’s with her ugly pantsuits? She’s always waiting for a flood. I think she has a pair of balls in those pants cause she always stands w her legs spread a part as she shaddows sleeping guy.

    • Hi Denny
      I agree with you completely. The whole bunch of them have to go! Biden has to go because he’s totally incapable of doing anything for himself, and old ho Kamel Toe is so radical and dangerous she would sell America to the highest bidder. Which is unfortunately what is happening now.

      • Cher says:

        Portorico is about to become one of our state’s?? They will suck up all our money! They never rebuit anything with the money we gave them to rebuild all the damage from the hurricane, they just partied with it! Just like all the lazy drug addicts and drug dealers here who are not paying their rent’s and just staying high and unfunctionable. They don’t need anymore money !!!. They won’t be looking for any kind of work for a long time.!!

  53. Yamile says:

    Thank you Senators!!! job well done, Democrats need to be IMPEACHED for all evil doing against Trump and citizens, these are menace to our country!!!

  54. BOB SUTTON says:

    Praise the Lord he is not Guilty at all

  55. Redhawk says:

    Now all the dem / socialist and the so-called republicans they turned against President Trump need to formally charged with treason against our President Trump, the constitution and again we the people
    When Americans see that then they will know that there is true justice in America again

  56. Linda says:

    Need to impeach Pelosi starting this whole bs inciting violence with Anitfa . Shes so scared of her real crimes being exposed n shes been after President Trump from day one. Rigged election to get him out an incited violence to destroy him.

  57. helen baldridge says:

    AWESOME NEWS….the truth will make you free, DJ Trump. Best President in history of USA. WE ARE READY TO VOTE FOR DJ TRUMP on 2024!!

  58. Fred says:

    Now Bring charges up on all of the Dems

  59. these pro impeachment dems are making damned fools of themselves

  60. The Democrats were trying to convict him of things they are guilty of. I hope the lame-stream media hosts heads pop off! The Democrats should have to pay back all the money they wasted on this sham impeachment, and the last one too! There are bunch of Democrats I would like to see impeached, starting with Biden. He will never be my President.

    • Charles Metz says:

      Now that are true president has been Vindicated. People should be wary of what China Joe Biden is trying to do with cameltoe Harris the law he’s trying to do with the Second Amendment all the crazy things it’s going to take to have gun ownership like anybody who ever has had mental illness or is married to someone who has had mental illness illness it will be illegal for them to own guns ever ! basically if you read the full bill which I can’t go into here because it’s so long but if you read it it’s going to make it so only the elite can own guns. and that’s not what this country was built on the Second Amendment clearly states the right to bear arms and China Joe Biden and camel toe Harris are trying to take this away so that more police stations can be burned down like in Portland these people are nothing more than socialist and that’s what they want to bring to this country! wake up people this is just one small victory down a long hard road to 2024 when we can get our president back in office. If they pass this, like having to go through Federal courses and mental evaluations to get a gun ownership card who has the money for that and it could take years just to buy a pistol to defend your family against the looters in the rioters when the economy collapses because China Joe Biden and cameltoe Harris won’t follow the due process of immigration and let all the people who are illegally in this country stay here I’m not against people from other countries being citizens here, I’m only against them coming in here hiding out sucking off the system’s Keith and waiting for our socialist president the Grantham immunity and make them citizens there’s a process set up for a reason. He’s already cut the pipeline and cost over a thousand high paying jobs because he says that by doing this these people that lost their jobs will be able to work in the solar and wind power energy industry didn’t you people know that 95% of solar panels are made in China and the windmills 99% of them are made in Germany so what these middle-class families are going to move to these countries to make that haha what a joke China Joe Biden and camel toe Harris are going to lead this country to a Civil War and economic ruin they need to be impeached now along with most of the Democratic Party. this country is going to be in Ruins like what Jimmy Carter did to it in the late 70s. I’m old enough to remember the lines at the gas pumps wake up people please for God’s sakes wake up!

  61. Karen Davidson says:

    The World has watched as the Democrats have shown how little they care about the Constitution and the Rule of Law as set out by our Founding Fathers. We have also seen the waste of tax payer money as they have held two hoax trials of a sitting President & to an American Citizen after he has left office.
    The Dems and Rinos need to get over their jealousy of TRUMP!
    Worry about the American Citizens for once!

    • Maybe the Republicans who still have at least a piece of spine left should start impeachment proceedings on a lot of these traitor Democrats(especially Swalwell, Pelosi, Schumer, and Waters) for their insurrection against President Trump. Great post.

  62. James Hutchins says:

    Now the Democrats need to be removed from office in the house of representatives and the Senate.

  63. Dorothy OCallaghan says:

    Yes bc PresidentTrump was n is innocent!! Get a grip, Dems this was a farce of a trial.

    • Doc says:

      Dems tried to impeach President Trump twice in 1 term n once again failed bc he did NOTHING wrong. It’s the Dems hatred that keep this going. Devil in disguise…now dems get back to work n help the American people bc Biden is destroying people’s livelihoods n dreams. Worst of the worst presidents EVER!

  64. Katherine Magyera says:

    absolutely agree, it was yet a second sham!!!

  65. Bel Quinnell says:


  66. Kath says:

    He should have never gone through either impeachment…both of them was a sham and we, the American people know it! President TRUMP 2024!

  67. Ray says:

    So which of the demonrats are going to pay for this waste? How many of them will be charged for inciting riots and pay business owners for damages? And charge them for insurrection in the effort to destroy our republic with their marxist socialist takeover? America is a circus

  68. Carol Bollenbacher says:

    Trump never was guilty. Waste of time and money. Something Dems don’t care about when it’s not theirs.

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