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Breaking: Superman is Bisexual?!?

( – On this National Coming Out Day (yes, it turns out that’s a thing even though we had no clue before this morning), when closeted gays and others who believe their sexuality is other than that which they were born with are supposed to “come out of the closet” and declare their alternative sexual reality, social conservatives can be forgiven if they feel that the political left has discarded everything they learned while growing up.

For example, as we noted in an earlier post today, California has now enacted the first law in the United States that forces stores with toy aisles to make those aisles “gender-neutral toy sections.” Any store covered under the law will be fined severely for non-compliance.

And now comes word that DC Comics has announced today that the “new” Superman in its comics is and will be, are you ready, bisexual. [As an important aside, when you look at the comic as rendered in the tweet below, does not the male Superman is kissing look like a boy under the age of 18?]


Specifically, as reported by the conservative publication Breitbart relying on a piece from the ultra-liberal New York Times, “the new Superman, Jonathan Kent — son and heir of Clark Kent and Lois Lane — will soon begin a romantic relationship with a male friend.”

So there you have it. The Superman that every American grew up believing was the epitome of male strength and heroism will now be, in the latest politically correct permutation designed to appease the all-powerful LGBTQ lobby and the ultra-left, a young man who’d be just as happy in bed with a Lou Lane as a Lois Lane.

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