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Breaking: Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Voting Restrictions

Breaking Now: Just moments ago, the United States Supreme Court handed down a decision upholding voting restrictions put in place by the state of Arizona. The Court held that Arizona’s restrictions are not racist.


The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld voting restrictions in Arizona in a decision that could make it harder to challenge other voting measures put in place by Republican lawmakers following last year’s elections,” according to the AP.

The court, by a 6-3 vote, reversed a lower court ruling in deciding that Arizona’s limits on who can return early ballots for another person and refusal to count ballots cast in the wrong precinct are not racially discriminatory. [emphasis added]

“The federal appeals court in San Francisco had held that the measures disproportionately affected Black, Hispanic and Native American voters in violation of the landmark Voting Rights Act.

“Justice Samuel Alito wrote for a conservative majority that the state’s interest in the integrity of elections justified the measures.”

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