BREAKING: They Sunk Her!


( – BREAKING NOW: There have been competing and conflicting reports all day from the Ukrainians and Russians about the fate of the Russian flagship Moskva, with the Russians claiming there had been an onboard explosion that disabled the warship and the Ukrainians claiming they had hit the ship with missiles and sunk her.

The Russians are now admitting that the ship has sunk.

The Moskva is not just any ship.

In addition to it being the flagship of the Russian Navy, where it was operating in a combat role against Ukraine, it is named for Moskow — Russia’s capital city.

While the military loss is not insurmountable for Russia, it is a huge psychological blow to the Russian people and military and a huge morale booster for the Ukrainian people and military.

In short, this will cast even further question about the capability of the Russian armed forces and the strategy approved, if not designed, by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This is a breaking news report.