Breaking: Trump Demands Dismissal – Reclaiming America

Breaking: Trump Demands Dismissal

Breaking Now: Just moments ago, former President Donald Trump and his attorneys demanded that the Senate dismiss the impeachment brought against him by the House of Representatives.


Attorneys for former President Trump on Monday argued in a new brief that the Senate should quickly dismiss the impeachment article filed against him when his trial begins this week,” according to The Hill.

The 78-page document amounts to a more detailed version of the arguments presented in a filing last week from David Schoen and Bruce Castor, who are representing the former president in the Senate.

“The two argue that Trump’s post-presidency trial is unconstitutional, and that even if senators disagreed, Trump’s speech ahead of the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol was protected by the First Amendment and did not meet the threshold of an impeachable offense.

Trump’s lawyers accused Democrats in the brief of attempting to “silence a political opponent and a minority party” through a “brazen political act,” arguing the second impeachment proceedings against the former president failed to give him due process.” [emphasis added]

For more on this story, go to The Hill.

We value free speech. Please share your opinion in the comment section. Do you agree with President Trump and his attorneys that the Senate should dismiss the impeachment brought against him by the House of Representatives?



  1. James Glenn says:

    Can’t be impeached under the Constitution. Not a sitting President. House action is unprecedented. The method in how the House came up with the charge is unprecedented and did not conform to House procedures–no hearings. There is nothing in the Presidents’s speech on the day of the mostly peaceful protest that you could say was insightful. The disturbance was planned by others days before Trump’s speech. A pipe bomb was found the day before the speech. The Administration had gotten word of a likely disturbance, advised the Capitol Police and had asked them whether they wanted they wanted the National Guard. This is not the action of someone who wanted to promote violence. The Capitol Police turned down the offer. What was Nancy Pelosi’s role in the turn down? What did she know and when did she know it? Did she purposely order the Capitol Police not to adequately defend the Capitol, hoping that chaos would ensue? Or was she just incompetent?

  2. Beth says:

    Have they forgotten that on January 20, 2021, when Joe Biden was sworn into office, President Trump became FORMER President Trump. Donald J. Trump as of that day became a PRIVATE CITIZEN! He’s no longer in office! This impeachment is a farce and a WASTE OF TAX PAYER DOLLARS! Our bloody tax dollars are being spent on something that should not even be done! Are they stating that Joe Biden is not the official President of this country, if they’re impeaching his predecessor?

  3. Debra says:

    Yes they should DISSMITH!!! I’m sure ALL sane people know the he was only using his right TO FREE SPEECH!! You need to just look at Maxine Watters rally and you will see the difference between free speech and in sighting people to do harm. When he said you will have to fight hard and then later said to go peacefully to the White House. “Fighting hard” was a figure of speech!! Meaning it will be a tuff road ahead for them. The DEMs NEED to STOP trying to destroy the U.S. and STOP trying to turn us into a Socialist Country!! Americans are getting to the point….. it will be ‘DO UNTO THEM AS THEY DO UNTO YOU!!”

  4. Kris says:

    The only right thing to do is to dismiss this entire theatrical play…Pelosi s animosity towards President Trump and other democrats that follow her bad , manipulative leadership !!
    Power and control is the name of game for the Democratic Party and America heading towards communism – Impeach Pelosi along with Biden the real corrupt politicians – Not President Trump he is the best President in the US history –

  5. Irene says:

    The whole thing is a farse. Such a waste of our tax money. I thought Donald J Trump’s lawyers were going to bring up all that the Demos have done. Bring them all to court that is a reliable one. Election fraud, Demos hiring (won’t mention who!) to riot the capital which was all planned long before, Biden with dementia with others telling him what to say & do. The whole thing is a farse. The ones to be impeached and in jail are the DEMOS. it is disgusting what is going on in our government. As far as I am concerned Donald J Trump can remain as President for years and years.

    • Beth says:

      I would bring out the evidence of the election fraud during the trial and state is this why you’re impeaching him because he actually won the election and you don’t want to admit that you knew that Joe Biden didn’t win officially or legally?
      I would also bring out all of the Democrats videos of them inciting violence and claim why are they not being impeached for this same reason you are trying to impeach Donald Trump with? These Democrats incited violence from their people and look what a Bernie Sanders’ supporter actually did to a member of the Republicans – he was nearly assassinated! Did Bernie Sanders get impeached for inciting his followers to try to kill a Senator? NOPE! He should be impeached as well as Maxine Waters for inciting violence!

  6. Verna L Hart says:

    The Democrats are afraid if President Trump wins the next election their house is cooked and Democrats will lose their asses. They’re impeachment against President Trump is a waste of tax payers dollars. If they impeach Trump the rest of the Democrats all need to be impeached including Biden/Harris. Bidens unity is about unifying Democrats and him. Biden is destroying the US with the stroke of his pen. Take away Bidens pens.Give him executive orders reinstating a the ones he cancelled now.

  7. P.B. says:

    Make no mistake about it, we all know this election was stolen from us all, and if we don’t speak up or do something about it, there will never be another Republican elected to another office again. This impeachment trial is all just to throw the focus away from biden and his crooked filthy son and family. The dems know it and are in of=n the entire thing. How do you impeach a private citizen at this time.

  8. Ron says:

    If they are going to set a presidence and move forward with this rediculous impeachment that is unconstitutional then start lining than up Obama,Uncle Joe,Bill,Pelosi,and the list goes on and on

    • DeeJay says:

      Exactly, Remove from office and impeach all those that incited the violence of the BLM & Antifa riots and destruction, as well as the crimes they committed against American Citizens. They are so much more to blame for this kind of action!

  9. AMK says:

    The Democrats are so intimidated by President Trump and his supporters it is pathetic . If they had a platform to run on and wasn’t so out of touch with American people, they could build a platform that people might be interested in. I think they are so corrupt, they know certain people have proof of it, they are desperate to keep Trump out of office and if they had their way off the planet. I don’t see how they can bring charges against Trump for in-sighting a riot when he said to go peacefully. The left have been in-sighting violence sense he has been in office, What about Maxine water, ” If you see Trump supporter out, you tell them they are not welcome, let them know, get in their face” and Polosi, “I am surprise their are not more riots and maybe there will be” and then Hillary, ” Trump supporters are deplorable most of them. Well I was thinking , What is wrong with these people , it’s like name calling in grade school. I would say to scrap all the left and their ideas, start over and see if they can come up with a few honest people who are crooks and build a platform that makes sense. Then we can have debates and real elections and they won’t have to steal the election. “Common Sense”

  10. James Giddens says:

    You notice they are wanting to give out money like its trick or treat candy but just look at the jobs that he has destroyed he wants us to think he is the good guy.but that is further from the truth because at some point the government is going to want their money back and it’s going to be like a bunch of refugee camp because we are going to be wondering how to feed and keep our family warm at night because when they want their money back do you think they are going to care about our well being they live in their fortress behind locked gates .

  11. James Giddens says:

    They are trying to keep everyone focused on this unconstitutional impeachment while they have everyone focused on this they are destroying America and it seems noone cares.everyony that is left in office has done far worse than President Trump is being accused of furthermore it was the Democrats and their hatred that caused all the riots and protesting.

    • Lynn says:

      OAN is showing Mike Lindell’s documentary, or at A must see! So much for Bob Sellers, host of American Agenda, on Newsmax, falling over himself to get away from Mike Lindell. I’m so tired of cowards!!!

  12. Jon D. Christiano says:

    I do agree that the charges should be dismissed. I do not see how someone could be impeached who is not in office.

    Secondly, I do not agree that President Trump did other than express his personal opinion regarding events on 1/06/21. No reasonable person would expect to incite the riot that resulted.

    Jon Christiano

  13. Judy Corning says:

    We are fighting evil, hatred is from satan, not God. I am so tired of the media ( even Newsmax ) for not saying who really broke in to the WH IT WAS NOT the Republican’s it was the Democrats they paid Antifa to do it. The Dems had the most to gain. No more counting of votes.

  14. Cynthia Williamson says:

    I totally agree! And if you haven’t seen Mike Lindell’s recent Documentary you’ll see the truth! We only have one President and that is President Trump, please watch it, you can see it free on Alex Jones or on OAN! God bless America and our great president Donald J Trump🙏

    • Lynnett says:

      Yes everyone please watch Mike Lindell’s documentary!! If you have any question about what happened with the election and the possibilities of what could happen to our country in the future, this will make everything very clear. It can be seen on I was so disappointed to see Newsmax’s host of American Agenda, Bob Sellers, act like such a coward, falling over himself to get off the stage when Mike Lindell was on his show. OAN is showing it on there network!

  15. Steve says:

    Our new president or want to be president anyhow he’s not know president of mine is a goof he’s destroying American values with every breath he takes and I would urge the American people the voice their opinions and to help get his impeachment started immediately impeach Joe Biden

    • Carolyn Javaux says:

      Yes and not only impeach Biden but go ahead with Pelosi, Waters and Schumer who have all made statements to incite terrorists to go after conservatives!!!! They are all criminals and shouldn’t be allowed to stay in office!!!

      • Cathy Metz says:

        IF President Trump has actually DONE even one thing that he’s been accused of, Pelosi, Schumer AND MAXINE WATERS should ALL three be in prison already for a multitude of reasons! And Pelosi should have been GONE immediately after her first ‘witch hunt ‘ of an impeachment trial! She runs on hate and nothing else!!

    • DALE GALLMAN says:

      i am with you we need to get rid of all democrats and half republicans state and federal after this bullshit

  16. Here we go again!! Another senseless impeachment by the pathetic democrats who are so full of hatred for anyone who defies them that they don’t care how much tax-payer money is squandered as long as they can pretend they are saving us citizens from ourselves!! Don’t you just hate it when idiots are able to dictate what we BIG,STUPID,REPUBLICANS (honest ones, that is) don’t understand we really need! Well, gee, what’s wrong with me?!? Is it that I don’t appreciate Pelosi gloating she is able to afford $13.00 a pint ice cream to go in her $25,000 freezer??? Is it that I hate seeing so many businesses lost, people hungry, and the morons running the show and bragging how much smarter they are then the general voters?!? Then again, maybe they are on to something, since many voters voted in the likes of AOC, Tlaib, etc.!
    Can anyone enlighten me as to how any of the above could possibly be considered good candidates to speak for them in the positions elected by them?
    REALLY??? seriously???

    • Jenith Delgai says:

      All I can share with we Republicans is, them demlibs are all stupid and yes hateful as evil can get. It’s God who’s still in charge and it’s President Donald J Trump who’s still my President. We have to continue to pray for our fallen Nation plus, God our Heavenly Father tells us to pray for the leaders of our Nation. Oh dear, Lord this is really hard for me to do,considering who’s all in the White House! I just want to pray for a calm Spirit throughout this whole mess. I love and miss our President Donald J Trump 😢 ❤ 💙 the blue heart is for my husband Mark whom I loss four months ago.

      • Jeanette Silvia says:

        So sorry to hear about your husband, but I agree with everything you said. 74 million people think the same way we do. This person wants us to think he is running our country, but he has no clue what is going on. If someone wasn’t pulling his strings, he would collapse like a rag puppet.

  17. The Real M says:

    This impeachment, as was the one before it, is a sham, phony, fraud, fake, snake oil and shell game…….run by unscrupulous, lying, charlatan vermin from h-e-l-l aka Democrats, whose only purpose is to try and have DJT barred from ever running for office again because he exposes them for being the inept, unethical, un-American, Constitution hating, criminal, corrupt, power and control hungry, “dog faced pony soldiers” who can’t control or out smart DJT! He knows the marxist better than they know themselves!
    I pity h-e-l-l when they get there and I pity the lost souls who will be stuck with them for eternity! There really needed to be a special place of eternal torment just for marxist Dems!

    • Shanna George says:

      I am furious what they are doing trying to prevent him from running again, the way they are deviously manipulating I will never vote Democrat again

  18. Raul Dick says:

    “We the people” govern through the representatives we send to the institutions created by our Constitution.
    Free speech does not include incitement to sedition.
    The US President, elected by “we the people” is accountable for his “speech”
    Ignoring or condoning what happens on January 6th is cowardice.
    The House indicted Trump when he was still the president. The Senate’s job is to judge its merit, not to decide if it is constitutional.
    The senator’s job is to do what they were elected for.

    • donfrancisco45 says:

      “Not to decide if it’s Constitutional?”
      Are you trying to tells us that the U S Constitution no longer counts as long as the democrats control the Senate?

      • Raul says:

        Of course the Constitution matters…and greatly…
        I keep a copy all the time at my desk. and yes, I read it frequently.
        I’m afraid that you are missing the whole point I tried to make. Sorry.

        By the was, once you are elected to the Senate, you represent not the party but your State and “We the people”. To do what you think is right for your country, consistent with your values and vision, for what you promised in the camping trail, not for what you have been told by your party or your fear of not been reelected.

        As a republican and conservative at heart, I thought that this was our common ground.

    • The Real M says:

      Raul, You expelled foul smelling gas and managed to form words made of gas! Too bad they are meaningless garbage that nobody agrees with or cares about!
      Now that you have exercised your first amendment rights, get lost marxist troll!

    • Steve Tessitore says:

      And are the same kind of hateful democrat that’s trying to destroy America
      That Capitol riot was planned by dishonest democratic terrorists and perpetrated by leftists trying to make peaceful demonstrators look like they were the ones causing the riot
      It’s a known fact that leftist groups were involved
      Here are some facts
      You leftist and the Democrats all stood by while criminals were allowed to tear down our cities,kill police and then say protest were mostly peaceful

  19. Judy Morales says:

    Impeachment is a waist of time for a former President and a waist of tax payers money. These people continue to trash and violate our Constitution and also violate the rights of “We the People.” They should be held accountable and expelled for making a mockery of our Constitution, after swearing an oath to uphold it. Now that’s the oxymoron we the people see everyday and every nation is watching. When will FEMA and our military step in??? Based on a Time Magazine Article the arrogance of a fixed election was confessed. If verified and it’s true. We the people need action and those people who interfered should be held accountable.

    • Mark Silvestri says:

      M.Sil Remove Biden and harris now Pres.Trump won election 80 million plus to 68 million maybe for illiget illegal fraudulent gangsters. Check Georgia senate races while your at it,at 11.10pm Perdue and Loeffler had 100 thousand plus leads then in 4 minutes time the leads disappeared Sue dominion for 10 billion dollars and get their garbage machines out of America 🇺🇸


  21. Sic&Tired says:

    Glad that Trump’s – Lawyers are going to Hit this Strong, Right at the Starting Gate. They have real good basis’s on what they are going to submit with opening statements. The Miserable Democrats will have some unreal thing to say about what Trump’s Lawyers start out with…. Just Hope the Dem’s will show just how Stupid….They Really Are.!!! The Good, True, and Faithful Americans would like nothing more than to see the Disgraceful Democrats – FALL FLAT ON THEIR HEADS.!!! The Amazing thing – that just Appauls Me…. Is to See So Many Democrats, who are Totally Dumb and also who were Voted in by All the Other Dummies that are running around in this Country.!!! That’s the REAL Problem – Knowing just how many Brainless People are really Out There.!!!! This Impeachment Mickey Mouse Club Show that is being put on by the Miserable Democrats – HAD BETTER END QUICKLY, SO IT DOESN’T BURN UP OUR TAX PAYING MONEY for a Dog and Pony Show.!!!!

  22. Syb says:

    It is a shame that people have no common sense, if they did they could see the election was stolen by the demoRats by rigging the ballots and the Domenion machines and of course six other countries were in on the rigged election.Biden is not the president nor will he ever be as he, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler and several republicans should be arrested for treason..the US does not need them as they are all about themselves and not the US or we the people. Wake up people before it is too late as we are almost too late as we need to get Trump back in as he won the election and is our true president not biden.

  23. Betty Dean says:

    I think the Senate should dismiss the impeachment of Donald Trump. You cannot impeach a past president. It is unconstitutional. The democrats are trying to make it so Donald Trump can never run for president again. They don’t like his conservative policies.

  24. Stephane says:

    Not only dismissal, but REINSTATE the ONLY PRESIDENT the United States of America have BY LAW!!!!
    biden and his DEMONS have STOLEN the election.
    Too many dead people voted!
    Too many ILLEGAL ALIENS voted.
    Too many illegal computer generated votes were tallied many times over.

  25. They need to drop impeachment or they probably get what they don t want from public people are fed up with the lying democrates and false accusations against our real president

  26. B says:

    Hey everyone look at that idiot Robins comments – another clueless probably racist Democrat…
    The truth she cant handle –
    What an idiot!!
    The riots all last year happened in ONLY Democratic states. It is Constitutional law of the government to request assisstance and they actually were going on TV and stating that even if he offered they would decline and use all law to keep Trump and his help out..You are an idiot – get your facts straight!!

  27. Bill says:

    It should not be happening. A waste of money and time that could be spent on something that could do some good. I think as a private citizen Trump should sue everyone concerned for harassment and defamation. Maybe he can recoup his financial losses due to their character assassination crusade.

    • Karen Ohning says:

      I agree trump done more for this country and should never been cheated out of his presidency. Biden will never be my president and the only thing he will do is sell use all down the river. I don’t trust him.

  28. Sharon Todt says:

    DISMISSAL is the word of the day. This matter is IN THE PAST. We need to just LET IT GO. “Stop beating a dead horse.” You have ridden it as far as you can.

  29. Jody B says:

    Hey Joe, you listening?? STOP the B.S.!!!!

  30. vinnie says:

    DOJ, FBI, CIA, Seemingly Useless Acronyms having no purpose unless being used as Weapons against those Accused by the Democrat Party for Political Gains and Furthering their Agenda to Stifle anyone or anything that may criticize their methods

  31. Robin says:


    • Robin Hater says:

      What an idiot!!
      It happenmed in ONLY Democratic states. It is Constitutional law of the government to request assisstance and they actually were going on TV and stating that even if he offered they would decline and use all law to keep Trump and his help out..You are an idiot – get your facts straight!!

    • Bob says:

      I think we need a full blown trial with lots and lots of witnesses. Especially call those DC cops that were waving people in and not even attempting to stop them. That “ riot” had little to do with MAGA and was all about dem fueled chaos.

      • Mike says:

        The Only one that should be impeached, is the IDIOT that Stole the election. Then confine it to a nursing home where it belongs!

  32. Gary Fernett says:

    Impeachment of a citizen is unconstitutional…enough said..nothing further needed….stop the b.s. and do your jobs go the American people.

  33. w.collborn says:

    agree. this is just political theater and an attempt to destroy what he achieved.
    They never got over losing the election and have worked tirelessly to fight anything that would reflect well on his presidency.

    • Larry Houser says:

      This Impeachment is another one of Polosi stunts.She will never be a better person than President Trump.He will come out to be the best President we’ve had in a long time.Watch what Biden and the Demacratics do to this Country!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  34. Thomas Wayne Kidd says:

    When are people going to understand that the Constitution means nothing to thieves and robbers? These communist democrats paid zero attention to the election laws and stole the election. The time is quickly approaching when legislation and talk must stop and the freedom loving people of our Republic must take action in direct proportion to the crimes against us. Live free or die must be in our hearts not just in words flying from our mouths and our fingers typing on social media! WAKE UP PEOPLE.

    • Sic&Tired says:

      WELL …. Stated – Thomas Wayne Kidd. Couldn’t have been stated any better – However, We have way Tooooo Mannny – Stupid People in this Country, who Will Never “Wake Up”…. It is a Real Sad Thing to Say, BUT – AN ACTUAL FACT.!!!!

  35. James Hutchins says:

    This impeachment is a Sham witch hunt.

  36. Jann Yates says:

    Absolutely agree with President Trump and his attorney’s. The impeachment trial is a joke and a waste of the working citizen’s tax dollar! I have never seen a party so dead set on destroying our President and the working class American.

  37. Thalia Naussac says:

    I think senate should dismiss the impeachment proceedings.

  38. Joel Severance says:

    The Liberal Democrats have proven over and over again they hate Republicans and will “go after them” in any way they can. Ergo the last impeachment action…..enacted only because Trump won the 2016 election, any and all other moves he has made. Shown by Biden reversing as many as he can. How about now allowing everyone (including drug carriers) to cross the border from Central America.

    Oh, how can you impeach a non president; from being a presiden???


    • Thomas Wayne Kidd says:

      My dear friend, the answer is, ignore the constitution. That’s what has happened with the so-called conservative republicans aiding and abetting these communist democrat criminals.

  39. mike says:

    They should dismiss it because it a witch hunt, But if they still want to have an impeachment they can impeach Peeloser and Cryin Chuckie

  40. Mae says:

    I think at this point they need to have the bloody impeachment trial, so Trump can bring in evidence that will ruin them. I think the whole impeachment 1 and 2 were a hoax.

    • Thomas Wayne Kidd says:

      Unfortunately Trump nor his lawyers decided not to present election fraud evidence. Something is not right about what’s happening now. The communist democrats stole the election but nothing is being done about it. All we hear and read is getting nothing whatsoever done to rectify these crimes against “WE THE PEOPLE.” Society today is as a bad dream that goes on and on. Fantastical dreams from sleeping people who have sowed to the wind and now is harvesting the whirlwind. BLIND LEADING THE BLIND, Say Jesus Christ, and they both are sliding into the ditch.

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