Breaking: Trump Drives Through Million MAGA March – Reclaiming America

Breaking: Trump Drives Through Million MAGA March

Breaking Now: Today is the Million MAGA March in Washington, DC, and in cities all across the country. Just moments ago, President Donald Trump drove through the gathering crowd of Trump supporters in Washington, DC.

This is a breaking news item and we’ll be providing updates about the Million MAGA March as warranted.

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  1. Judy kephart says:

    Thank you for four great years, I’m 81 a s still can not beleive what happened, keep up the good fight, one of the best we ever had, may you all be blessed

  2. Gary Hull says:

    I admire your steadfast commitment to Americans. You have delivered on your promises and always put America first. It is a crying shame that the media, subversive democrats and republicans have fought you all the way. Now you have to contend with the largest illegal voting scam in the history of our great. It is a downright shame that a presidential candidate would stoop to this level. I wish you success on your continued fight; however, the ballots are in and the democrats will use any method to ensure they keep the vote.

    • Kathryn Worz says:

      President Trump will do great things after he is out of office, we are sure of that. He has done so much for America.
      Get those troops home from Afganistan and make that your lasting Legacy!! They cannot deny that.

  3. June Serne says:

    You are a genuine American leader. Thank you for fighting for this country!

  4. Thelma Sutter says:

    Mr. President, you are a heck of a patriot! The best president in my lifetime ( I’m 71). What the press and the deep state did to you is unspeakable! Someday they will live to regret it.
    My heart breaks for you and your family for what they’ve done. I only find comfort knowing that our Lord Jesus Christ is in control. Whatever happens , know that your supporters are with you 100%!
    God bless you and your family and may God bless the USA!

  5. Don Butler says:

    The Draft Dodging, 750 dollar, Con Man of Queens is your hero WHOA. Plus he lost the election Get Over It.

    • Julia Ogden says:

      Hate to break it to you boy, but you are so wrong! This ‘election’ turned out to be a STING operation to catch the traitors to our country! POTUS watched the voter fraud happen the night of the election from the Edison Building, where a SCIF was located! “They monitored the fraud in real time!” Monitored by a U.S. Army Intelligence Cyber Security Division!
      It’s not your fault you’ve been brainwashed you entire life and lied to by the main stream media propaganda machine! Lied to by DNC/Communist/UN operators bought and paid for by George Soros! But YOU need to WAKE UP, and get off the MSM! You have been programmed!
      Any person that supports CHINA JOE is either a brainwashed “programmed” ignorant sheep, or just an evil promoter of child trafficking for money!
      CHINA JOE will never sit in the White House, he’s a traitor to this country, bought and sold by the CCP! Oh, that means the VOTES DON’T MATTER ANYMOMRE! TRUMP WILL WIN BY DEFAULT! This evidence is posted on back channels and free platforms, folks! STOP WATCHING THE TV, IT’S ALL LIES! (now, let’s see if this posts)

    • Peterson says:

      Sorry Don Butler, Joe Biden is a draft dodger too. Get you facts straight. Biden became a millionaire on taxpayers backs. Joe got 4 or 5 defferments from the military.

  6. Linde Richmond says:

    President Trump is an amazing man. He has done more for America than any other president. While Harris and AOC have made threats against Americans, Hillary Clinton has already began her hit list, Pelosi stuffing her face with booze and ice cream trying to steal from Americans through our stimulus, Coumo trying to kill more New Yorkers, mind you all Democrats lining their pockets while bankrupting their states long before COVID, Trump is still fighting for Americans. This man has been through it all and remains strong for us. He is true leader, he is our PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

  7. Rugina Tsironis says:

    The greatest President ever! He plays golf and the Democrats make a big deal out of it, while the Democrats launder money through the other countries, have interest in the fixed voting machines (Clinton, Feinstein, Pelosi), threaten to find out who all of Trump supporters are to make jobs, etc. difficult to get (AOC) and all of them are corrupt LIARS!

  8. Laurel says:

    As Patton. In worldwar11 days, Trump has been here before. True hero,fighting for us. So many Americans get it.u fortunately there are a lot of cotton heads. He will reign. Humans like Trump never die. I fear for our greatAmerica without him, astheswamp creatures are starting to emerge again.

  9. Joyce A. Green says:

    Thank you Mr. PRESIDENT. Keep standing for our America. You are the best.

  10. Richard A Battles says:

    Keep up the fight Mr. President Donald J Trump . Thank you for putting America First . God Bless you and your family . God Bless America

  11. Richard A Battles says:

    Keep up the fight Mr. President Donald J. Trump. We thank you for fighting for America and putting America first Sir. God Bless you and your family and America

  12. Walter says:

    That’s true genuine support for a president who loves this country!

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