BREAKING: Trump Trial Date Set

( – HAPPENING NOW: Just moments ago, a judge in Florida set a date for the criminal trial of former President Donald Trump to August 14, where he will face charges for allegedly keeping classified government documents illegally.

However, many legal professionals don’t anticipate the trial starting on the scheduled date. Numerous legal matters must be settled before the jury hears testimonies and reviews the evidence. This process may cause delays to the start of the trial.

Trump, aiming for the Republican presidential nomination for the 2024 elections, was accused earlier this month of over thirty criminal charges. These charges are related to his supposed retention of hundreds of classified documents after he departed from the White House in January 2021. Trump has denied these accusations, pleading not guilty.

Judge Aileen Cannon ordered both the Department of Justice prosecutors and Trump’s lawyers to submit all motions related to the trial before July 24.

A federal judge, on Monday, prohibited Trump’s defense team from sharing any evidence they receive from prosecutors with the media or the general public.

During an interview with Fox News on Monday, Trump justified his failure to return the government records, which officials had sought for months. He said he needed to sift through boxes filled with these documents to remove personal items.

Trump said during the interview, “Before I send boxes over, I had to take all of my things out. These boxes were interspersed with all sorts of things.” He added, “I was very busy, as you’ve sort of seen,” explaining his delay in returning the documents.