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Breaking Verdict: He’s Guilty!

( Breaking Now: R. Kelly, the 54-year-old megastar who rose to music fame in the 1990s, was found guilty of all charges moments ago by a jury. The jury agreed unanimously that Kelly was guilty of sexually abusing women, boys, and girls for several decades.

Specifically, Kelly was charged and convicted of nine criminal counts that included racketeering and violations of the Mann Act. This law makes it a severe crime to transport “a woman or girl” across state lines for immoral purposes.

Kelly now faces life in prison, and courtroom watchers say it’s a better than even bet that the judge will lock Kelly up for life and throw away the key.

It’s also a safe bet that given his fame and notoriety, combined with the charges he’s convicted of, Kelly’s life will be in jeopardy while in prison. As most everyone knows, child abusers are the lowest of the low when it comes to how their fellow criminal convicts treat them.

Please email [email protected] and share your reactions and opinions concerning the conviction of R. Kelly on all criminal counts brought against him for sexually abusing women and children. Are you glad he’s been convicted and taken off the streets? Do you believe the verdict is long overdue given the reports that many in the entertainment industry knew for years what he was doing and failed to stop him or report him? Do you believe the entertainment industry lends itself to sexual abuse?