BREAKING VIDEO: US Marines Attacked By 40 Thugs

( – A disturbing video has emerged showing a group of US Marines being viciously attacked by roughly 40 teenagers.

You can watch the video at the bottom of this post.

The attack happened after the Marines confronted the teenagers about their disruptive behavior at a beach in San Clemente, California.

The Marines reported that they were strolling on the beach when the group attacked them around 10 pm.

The online video shows two victims lying on the ground, covering themselves up as the crowd continued to kick them and shout offensive words, including racial slurs. Another Marine was attacked too, but this wasn’t captured on video.

According to deputies from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, the victims suffered injuries but decided not to go to a local hospital.

Law enforcement is looking into the attack, and the unidentified teenagers could be charged with assault using a deadly weapon.

A video clip, about a minute long, was shared on Facebook. It shows the Marines, dressed in civilian clothing, attempting to ascend some steps near the Pier Bowl while a group of teens yells at them.

As the Marines neared the stairs, one teenager was seen delivering a vicious punch to the back of one Marine’s head.

Reacting to the punch, the Marine spun around and confronted the attacker, which led to a full-on fight as the teenager’s friends joined in, throwing punches and kicks.

Within moments, the group surrounded the two Marines, shouting violent and explicit phrases and using racially offensive language.

As the person filming the incident got closer, two victims can be seen on the ground, being kicked by the group.

The fight was stopped by two people passing by – a man and a woman – who shouted at the kids, demanding they cease their actions.

Details of what happened before the video aren’t clear. Still, Hunter Antonio, one of the people identifying as a Marine, told KCAL that the fight started when he asked the teens to stop setting off fireworks.

Here is the video of the attack: