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Campus Cops Under Fire: A Special Report

At colleges and universities across the nation over the last six months student activists have made demands that campus police be either disarmed, disbanded or defunded — among other measures — in a wave of anti-police sentiment that has swept the country in the wake of the George Floyd protests,” according to an investigation by The College Fix.

A College Fix analysis of news articles, social media posts and other online documentation found that there have been at least 43 such efforts through protests, petitions and other measures since June. [emphasis added]

“Most of these undertakings took place in June, with 13 protests, as well as in October, which saw 10, and July, which had 11. In August, there were five and in September there were four.

“Calls to disarm or defund campus police are not new to college campuses. Many democratic socialist campus clubs have led such efforts over the last several years [emphasis added]

In several cases in these recent instances, democratic socialist clubs teamed up with Black Lives Matter campus activists and other groups representing marginalized communities to lodge the demands against university police.” [emphasis added]

For the full report, go to The College Fix.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you believe socialists are behind the movement on college campuses, and across the nation, to defund and disband police departments?




  1. Jerry Griffin says:

    Kick. These free loaders out stop socialistic teachers if you can’t pay don’t expect us to pay your way

  2. Kick them out, let most of them work for minimum wage, they don’t appreciate their education or they would wake up and see, surly they aren’t all stupid.

  3. Luigi says:

    We should defund colleges.

    • Grace says:

      I’m for defunding the colleges and disbanding the college cops. Let these little libbies defend themselves any way they know how. While were at it cut the pay for the leftist professors in half , More than half the student debt comes about by alowing these Marxist graduates to live a lavish life style in the Republic they hate.

      • We need to defund all universities, these rotting spoiled kids should be put out, all they want is their way. Let something really bad happen to them, really bad, who would the little shots call then. Ghost busters. Let them get shot, knifed, raped, is mom and dad going to track them down.

  4. boatsdoyon says:

    Guns should not be aloud on campus and if campus police are fired upon they need to return fire as deadly force.

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