CBS ‘Firing Successful White Males’?!

( – The lamestream media is embracing the liberal agenda, as an Emmy Award-winning anchor revealed CBS fired him because he is an aging, white, heterosexual male.

58-year-old Jeff Vaughn, who worked at a CBS-owned Los Angeles affiliate for eight years, said he was replaced by a younger, minority news anchor in 2022.

Recently, a $5 million discrimination lawsuit was filed against CBS and parent company Paramount Global in a California federal court.

The complaint mentioned CBS’s goal to ensure that half of all writers are nonwhite by 2023 and an initiative requiring half of all cast members on their reality shows to be minorities.

“CBS decided that there were too many white males at CBS, and it acted accordingly. It needed to solve its ‘white problem’ by firing successful white males,” the complaint alleged.

Moreover, Vaughn’s lawsuit follows a similar suit in March by a fired white, heterosexual male freelance writer on CBS’ “SEAL Team” series who accused the network of “blatant” discrimination.

Earlier this year, an investigation revealed that CBS News president Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews had been accused by staffers of promoting minorities while unfairly sidelining white journalists. This sparked a major internal human relations probe in 2021.

The anchor asserted that his manager did not give him a direct reason for his removal but told him, “It’s not about the ratings.”

In turn, Vaughn noticed he was slowly being iced out at the network ahead of his firing by being excluded from several reporting and promotional events.

For instance, during CBS News’ 20th anniversary 9/11 special coverage, the anchor was “completely left out and did not even appear on the program,” the suit said, noting that it was “extremely odd,” given the fact that Vaughn was at Ground Zero in Manhattan, reporting on the terrorist attacks that day.

The lawsuit said Vaughn was also excluded from CBS’ new promotional campaign for its evening shows in the fall of 2022, even though he was the premier evening anchor.

On his last day, Vaughn was told by his manager to publicly announce he was saying goodbye and that it was “his decision to leave.” The journalist refused, but after his last day on September 22, 2023, the news team issued a statement live on air that “implied” that he “left of his own accord,” the suit stated.

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