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Cindy McCain: Trump Should Concede

Breaking Now: Just moments ago in an appearance on The View, Cindy McCain, wife of the late Sen. John McCain, called on President Donald Trump to concede, saying “I would hope that our president would do exactly what is right for this country and concede in a gracious, polite manner. That’s what’s good for the country. And, also asking Republicans to do the same to help support this president in a new administration and do what’s right for the country, not what’s right for our party.”


Watch this clip of Cindy McCain and share your thoughts in the Comment section. Should President Trump concede the election to Joe Biden? Or, should he wait until there is a full and fair accounting of the ballots cast?



  1. Ross says:

    Trump should concede nothing. The DemonRATS
    stole this election and the proof is everywhere.
    You yourself are a traitor to the Repuvlican
    Party. Your hatred of President Trump won
    out over your love of country.
    The DemonRAT party is a party of traitors..
    thieves..and vile..people who care about
    winning even if it takes violence and fraud
    to win.
    President Trump won this election handily.
    If Biden is declared the winner..HE WON

    • Jean says:

      Cindy McCain you voted for pure evil — John McCain was not a good guy—- so knock off conceding telling anyone what to do and do the right thing yourself for a rare change

      • Who cares what McCain says…shes so fucked up in the brain she cant see straight.Her and her FAT daughter need to get laid. She’s a RINO, with no life.Trump should tell her to shut the fuck up u whore.

  2. Betty Freeland says:

    Joe Biden will never be my President!

  3. Betty Freeland says:

    Hell, NO! Joe B ikden will never be my President!
    He is a liar and a thief!

  4. Maria says:

    I never liked John McCain or his second wife. . He was a lousy senator who ran as a republican and never was one

    • Normand Louis Doyon says:

      Cindy your husband should be the one to resign. Vietnam hero? Hell no.
      I am a Combat wounded Veteran and 100% disabled and would spit in McCain face.

    • Normand Louis Doyon Sr. says:

      Cindy your husband should be the one to resign. Vietnam hero? Hell no.
      I am a Combat wounded Veteran and 100% disabled and would spit in McCain face.

  5. Dallas Monte Jones says:

    My 64 dollar $ is who cares what she has to say Mr Trump has a bible, Mr Biden has none except for the comunest manifesto he’s a communist and acarear politician that has worked with others in the Democratic party to subvert God’s law and to destroy are children’s minds with meaningless nonsince I will pay for Trump and his family that the angels of the God all mighty will watch and protect him.

  6. Pegs says:

    Spoken from the wife of a PRESIDENTIAL LOSER!!!

  7. Pegs says:

    WHO THE HELL GIVES A DAMN what cindy mccain has to say. IRRELEVANT!!!she is NOBODY!!!

  8. John Jacobs says:

    Mrs. McCain, I voted for Senator McCain when he ran against Barry Sotero alias Barrack Obummer. But President Trump isn’t going to concede until this is over.

  9. Rodrigo Diaz De Bivar says:

    I strongly believe that America is absolutely stunned by this horrible turn of events in our political system. What this proves is, America has been leaning to the far left for quite some time. All the issues that Almighty God condemns in scripture is now accepted, approved and even encouraged by the insane disobedience, rebellion and defiance of man and our ignorant Supreme Court didn’t help when they approved immoral activities that God condemns and calls an abomination against His will. So now this nation has only itself to blame for the evil that has come down upon us. Heaven help us, assuming He’s willing.

  10. Diana says:

    Your opinion does not count. And being on the view????? You definitely do not have a voice with me! FIGHT President Trump! FIGHT! Alot of us have your six!

  11. An Independent Voter says:

    Mrs. McCain’s disingenuous attempt to make Republicans “do the right thing” is unfortunately rooted in her understandable dislike of the
    man who disrespected her husband, who was too progressive for the party.

    That being said, she has every right to voice her opinion and I and every sane Republican, would be wise to let Trump prove to himself and the country that the election was run fairly and that constitutional law was not lost in anyone’s rush to “Count Every Vote”!

    Good luck, Joe and Kamala! Hope your party “comrades” did not ruin your chance to run the country. You may not like Trump or his past, but it is clear that too many politicians were left in the candy store too long! I hope this proves to be as long a road to haul for the Biden/Harris ticket as it was for Trump, with the incessant and unsuccesful attempts to unseat him originally, by the Dems and disrespected “peers”(see McCain, Romney, et al)!

  12. Judy ClounchMiyakawa says:

    Her husband was a traitor to all of the soldiers left behind in Vietnamese Nam! He sold them out and had the powers that be bury his actions. He denied their families’ rights to their remains, their compensation for damages, and all access to information. I heard he was executed which was more than he gave his fellow POW’s. How many fellow soldiers did he kill w his crazy flight maneuvers on ship? His relatives covered that disaster up so no charges could be brought. He was no American hero, he earned the nickname “Songbird.”

  13. Gary Hume says:

    To many people speak none scenes! President Donald Trump
    has every right too fight legally for votes that we’re taken from
    him by fraud! The media is as unfair as they every been ! Simply
    Because he not part of the swamp! And the creatures that live
    there! He not a politician as such! I believe he will fight and win
    many battles and come out on top one way or another! Win or
    lose in Become President you haven’t heard the last of him!
    Watch out Liberal leftist! He come to take American back!

  14. Nichole Ambos says:

    Screw her!

  15. NC Girl says:

    She didn’t support Trump, so who cares what she says.

  16. James Hutchins says:

    Macains widow is a Liberal Clown ?

  17. Margaret Mills says:

    Tell Cindy and her daughter to crawl back under that rock where those snakes came from. No one cares about her opinion, just as she, John, and Megan never cared about America. He was a traitor to our military and our country, so their opinion amounts to less than nothing. He should have been Court-martialed after the war and never allowed to run for public office.

  18. Renai says:

    Why isn’t Cindy McCain asking Joe and Hunter Biden about corruption dealings. They pocketed millions and Cindy and fake news organizations don’t want transparency or looked into…..they are hiding and covering up for Biden.
    Biden administration is in bed with China, Iran, Russia, etc. Bidens and Clintons are crupt,
    Greedy and only think about power. Could care less about America greatness or American citizens. Good bye jobs,, China is in control.. This election is tainted with Democrats hand pickings These states need recounted. Legal votes count.
    Shame on you Cindy ?

  19. William A St John says:

    Cindy Mc Cain, is a part of the deep state, as was her husband, John. Her opinion has absolutely no influence on me.

  20. John Anderson says:

    Her husband a prisioner in vietnam was a sympathizer and disrecarded the military code of conduct. His actions disrespected the military and the codes many have died believing in. She is of the same breed and should be treared as such.

    • Normand Louis Doyon says:

      John the only reason McCain did not get court martialed is because his father was a retired Rear Admiral and saved his ass.

  21. Leonard Sudets says:

    Cindy McCain needs to keep her mouth shut we don’t receive responses from turn coats. I (at one time) thought John McCain was on the up and up until more and more stats came out from his eye co POW’s and then he and another Republican Senator turn on our President. It would appear their pockets were being lined as well and President Trump was upsetting their apple carts as well.
    Mrs. McCain, just stand back and quit trying to make things worse.
    President Trump will continue to fight against this fraudulent election and I support his efforts 100%……

  22. Gerald R WALKER says:

    She and her husband turned
    on trump before he was ever elected and were known to be never trumpers and did not support him the entire time he was president so who does she think she is telling us to support someone who is taking or was taking money from China along with his druggie son

  23. Jeanne Randolph says:

    No. I think we need to have those important states have a new vote. so we can see what really happened.

  24. JACK says:

    Mrs. McCain, should keep her options to herself, because its very obvious she doesnt have the wellbeing of the country at heart . All we want is a fair election without rule changes . A blind man can see this whole election was rigged by the democrats, Our President isn’t giving up and neither are all the people who voted for him. God bless America and President Trump.

  25. Cherie Lee Ross says:

    Cindy, I’m sure IF, once all the legitimate votes have been confirmed by ALL states and the electoral college votes justify this election, President Trump will, in his usual gracious and gentlemanly manner, concede. Until then, I say fight on, mighty warrior! Fight on for truth, justice and the AMERICAN way. In the meantime, go re register as a socialist.

  26. Shirley says:

    We Really don t care what she say s or thinks She is not important at all and mean s nothing to the American people


    Hell no, she still mad that Trump exposed John as a traitor to party and fellow prisonors of war who some themselves think John sold out

  28. Jim says:

    Cindy, mind your own business. Nobody cares what you say or think. Though your husband did many great things for the country, he did NOT cover himself with pride in his attacks on President Trump.In fact, just the contrary, he covered himself in disgrace. The 70 million Americans who voted for President Trump don’t agree with your polite exit thesis; we want the truth especially from traitorous, lying, corrupt Joe Biden and the from the people–including your husband when he was alive–who disgracefully and doggedly hounded this President for 4 years.Waiting 2 months for the truth is not asking too much.

  29. Ralph Leebert says:

    If Cindy McCain knee anything about our country she would not be saying that. This is no longer about Trump and Biden, this is about the integrity of our Republic and how it was founded under the principle of free elections not obtain through deceitfulness. I am tired of Democrats coming up after an election with votes to put them ahead of their opponent. People wake up and look at the obvious!!!

  30. Allen says:

    Yes, it does. Makes me want to fight harder.

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