Climate Change Wackos Now Predicting THIS?!

( – Climate science extremists from Australia and Canada are now predicting “climate change” will kill 1 billion humans over the next century.

The climate doomsayers published a report that looked at 180 other studies on climate change and human mortality and stressed a “scientific consensus” about the “1000-ton rule” – meaning that one person dies for every 1,000 tons of fossil fuel burned.

“A future person is killed every time humanity burns 1000 tons of fossil carbon,” declares the paper published in the Energies journal, as cited by Breitbart News.

“Burning a trillion tons of fossil carbon will cause 2°C of anthropogenic global warming (AGW), which in turn will cause roughly a billion future premature deaths spread over a period of very roughly one century,” the scholars allege.

Breitbart points out that if there are more than 10 billion people on the planet, as estimates suggest, that means about 10% of them would die due to climate change, according to the climate researchers.

Their paper argues that if humans were to burn all five trillion tons of fossil fuels in the Earth’s crust, “global mean surface temperature would increase by up to 10°C relative to the pre-industrial era and could threaten human extinction.”

“If you take the scientific consensus of the 1,000-ton rule seriously, and run the numbers, anthropogenic global warming (AGW) equates to a billion premature dead bodies over the next century. Obviously, we have to act. And we have to act fast,” commented Western University’s Joshua Pearce, one of the authors.

Breitbart argues that not a single human death has been “convincingly attributed to climate change,” thus questioning the climate scholar’s claim that almost 3,000 people are dying daily because of global warming.

It notes that weather-related deaths worldwide have been decreasing every year, reaching only a fraction of their number from 100 years ago – meaning that there is a need for a much deeper scientific explanation beyond the “clever-sounding but ultimately untenable ‘1000-ton rule.'”

The report also points out that the study authors don’t tackle why about ten times more people die annually from cold temperatures than from heat.

“[This] would seem to imply that slightly warmer temperatures would result in fewer — not more — weather-related deaths,” Breitbart comments.