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CNN: Trump Supporters Don’t Respect Police

CNN anchor Don Lemon said Tuesday on his show “Tonight” that those who stand with former President Donald Trump can not tell others to respect the police,” according to Breitbart.

After playing the video of the deadly Capitol riot presented by today the House impeachment managers, Lemon said, ‘Blue Lives Matter, huh? Law and order, law and order, respect the flags, respect law enforcement. Why don’t you just comply? Don’t you dare ever say that again if you can stand by after that video and give Donald Trump, of all people, Donald Trump…and his mob a pass. If you can do that, I don’t ever want to hear that again. I don’t want to hear that from you. I don’t want to hear family values from you. I don’t want to hear respect police officers from you. I don’t want to hear it. No moral high ground to stand on. Look who is on your side there. There have been a lot of lies. We’ve been warning you about all the lies.'”

Reclaiming America can also report that earlier on CNN, Anderson Cooper went on a similar tirade against Trump supporters, saying, “Any watching of the video that was played just today in the Senate Chambers, after watching that, the president’s supporters who were attacking the Capitol, the former president of the United States cannot claim to be a law-and-order president when you have the crowds chanting “kill the blue.” We saw them hurling insults and fists and objects and the American flag and hockey stick at officers. As you said, gouging out an eye, an officer lost three fingers, and one officer was killed. Two others have died by suicide. Any claim by them that they are lovers of law and order, it rings hollow, certainly after seeing that.”

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Who do you believe cares more about the police in this country, the average Trump supporter or Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper?



  1. LouAnn Rossi says:

    Trump has always been the law & order oresident. The Democrats like violenve & use it. Trump has repeatedly,said violence will be prosecuted.He supports the police. It’s the Democrats who don’t. Anderson Cooper & CNN are full of shit, so two-faced, biased leftist Marxist news. America sees you for who you are. Trump supporters, not Antifa & BLM, are peaceful. Peaceful & patriotic. Pelosi witch hunt, Trump does not suppirt any violence & did not say STORM the capital. Every,politician says FIGHT, even Harris & Biden, but Trump said not physically, patriotically & peaceful. Anyone who,went,overboard. Well that is yheir problem. Like all the violence in simmer 2020 in the Democratic cities, free reign to criminals. Liberal left Marxist socialiatic Communistic Demicratic,party, and the Alliance they formed to give Pres Trump trouble all 4 yrs in,office shows how devious they are about losing an election 2016. That is where all the violence is learned & comes from the left. What they accuse others if is what they are doing. Pelosi told us that is a political strategy, abd she uses ut all the time. She,needs to retire, she has an awful,legacy as will Biden/Harris after turning all the excelkent policy Trump,put in effect, they are reversing Ametica’s excellent,progress. The vaccine too, everything was put in place, Harris & Biden are saying it was not, they,continually,lie.

  2. truth says:

    Just more proof CNN is a total piece of crap and should only be used as toilet paper…

  3. Vern Collins says:

    He and Cuomo look like two drugged up bobbing heads. And they get paid for being totally biased and so quick to judge. They both defend defunding and live their lives sexually harassing…. just maybe different genders. Oh in their work day they make fun of rational people for being different and law abiding?

  4. Rhina says:

    Lemon Head does not even know what it is he was hired to do, duh. He can not even report the real news only ignorant people un-American views believe such lies.

  5. Donnie Cornett says:

    Anybody that follows biden after all the bullshit that sorry worthless piece of crap has been doing are evil and worthless just like he is. The evil democraps and BLM and Antifa need to be permanently destroyed like a rabid dog. We need to take these evil idiots out pernanently

  6. Joyce says:

    Lemon has a one-way outlook. I am a Trump supporter and a supporter of the police. My son is a retired police officer. It must be difficult to live with so much hate.

  7. Mad as Hell says:

    Gee all I hear from the dems. is defund the police, you guys will lie about anything no wonder your rating are going DOWN!!

  8. Bill Tierbbb says:

    1. “do this peacefully” was cut off from the video presented.
    2. Those people while wrong are adults and responsible for their own actions.
    3. Should we bring up the summer riots which happened

  9. Thomas Marvin Burns says:

    I urge all Twitter uses to leave twitter when Parlar is allowed to open again. I also urge everyone to not use Amazon and others who stopped Parlar from being published and shown. YOUR FREE SPEECH MATTERS. It was a specific right in our Constitution and now it is being trampled by communists and socialists. If just 50 million Trump supports left Twitter and went somewhere else they would take such a hit on their earnings that it would make them crap in their pants. In 2022 elections we need to take back the house and Senate, then we can rein in big tech with the cancellation of the 230 provision they use to avoid lawsuits from free speech violations. DO IT, PREPARE AND FOLLOW THRU.

  10. Ronald Mucha says:

    Don Lemon is an idiot. Doesn’t pay too much attention to what happened in Minnesota, Seattle, Portland, or New city. He is a jerk, along with Stupid Anderson Cooper.

  11. Katherine says:

    This is all too funny. CNN have really outdone themselves on this one. 🤣 I was already laughing about their ratings going down some 44% the last I heard but this takes the cake. CNN is so laughable all over the world now and doubt they will ever recover. But seriously it doesn’t matter any longer, I find they probably aren’t going to go much further than the Keystone pipeline have since Biden was “put” into office. Seems like them and the new administration will find out they don’t really have a voice of their own, doesn’t matter what they say because they have all been used up and don’t have much to offer the puppeteers. They aren’t needed any longer. And here they thought they were going to get that pat on the head with the good boy, im so proud of you. Nope, you all are used up.
    Too funny…. lol 😆🤣😂

  12. Robert Wood says:

    The rioters were infiltrators, democrats, BLM, and Antifa instigated the people to follow them, even the FBI found that this was preplanned. Lemon needs to get his head out of his a**, and start looking at reality but he would probably cry again since he is not a man, he is a radical leftist that calls us conservatives Nazis’, deplorables, racists, and I am a 66 year old disabled veteran that would like him to say that to my face, the little chicken shit.

    • Ana M Rivera says:

      You are a puppet doing and saying what your superiors tell you for fear of losing your job! You know, as a news person, after doing your own investigation that Trump had nothing to do with inciting the capital riot! Stop talking nonsense and maybe move on to another network that will not censor you! So sad having to read this! Wake Up!!! I no longer have any respect nor do I watch CNN. After reading this, have no regrets!

      • Donna.l.pearman says:

        I think those who did this horrible riot should be punished.Not everyone at the Capitol.Not every Trump supporter.Anyone attacking police,threatening those elected and defacing our Capitol should go to jail.No pardon Joe Biden.Whoever that might be Antifa BLM or Trump supporters.Break a law go to jail

    • Fm says:

      I agree tha CNN is just a puppet of the Democratic Party. Any of the reporters don’t have a backbone cause they favor a paycheck over the truth. The DC riots were planned by the BLM and Antifa groups and supported by the Democrats. This country is in deep trouble and it’s because of all of the sheep that voted for Biden, who won’t last long anyway. Too old, just another pawn.

  13. P.B. says:

    First CNN or the Clinton News Network can’t talk family values, because they don’t even know the meaning of the words. As for Trump supporters, yes I am one of them, and i would love to see one of these bastards come after me, and i will take them bastards down so fast and not ask a fucken question about it either, i would be doing the world a favor, because CNN is a liar in everything they say or do, that has already been proven many times over. The rioters at the Capital were BLM and Antifa, which the filthy dems don’t want to say anything about or piss them off either. They were the first ones to start breaking into the joint, and that was at the dems orders to make Trump look bad and guilty in the entire mess. I am waiting for a dem to come for me, and it will be the last move he ever makes in this world. I have had enough of their filthy shit over the last four years to last me a lifetime. The American people all feel the same way, we have heard enough shit from these pigs and these black moron rioters all over the country which the dems refuse to denounce.

    • Donna Pearman says:

      I would love to find out that most of the violent rioters were Antifa.Trump supporters don’t deface property with feces,don’t hurt our police and threaten politicans.But it won’t bring anyone who died back.It can never be fixed.If any Trump supporters did any of this.Shame on you.

  14. Tim Spreadborough says:

    I’m interested in what you think!!!
    Tim Spreadborough

  15. Jeanie says:

    Don Lemon is a moron and only a moron would believe anything he has to say.

  16. Corri says:

    It seems all the comments I’ve read so far here are diverting from what Don Lemon actually said. He was defending the police – respect the police. I’m all for that. The crowds were following Trump’s words to storm the capitol and storm our nation, harming the police in order to do so. That’s not respect for the police. Respect is a family value and that’s not what happened. Don’t divert to other things. He didn’t. He stayed on that particular incident. That’s what happened and Lemon was simply stating it as it was. That’s a sign of someone who can stay on topic and not divert from the particular subject.

    • Greg hall says:

      CNN is liberal news, nothing to do with real truth. There was nothing in trumps speech about being violent, just the opposite in fact. Any violent act came from the liberal antifa or blm gangs dressed like patriots. Everyhing from that news network and the big 3 is bullshit every time they speak.

    • Robert says:

      Not to mention that the video showed in the senate today omitted the words that Trump said “PEACEFUL AND PATRIOTIC”! Get it right lemon!

    • Bob says:

      That’s NOT what he was saying. He was accusing the right of ignoring the values. That the right preaches about defending the police and the flag yeah attacked those very same things! And this is all coming from someone who never opened his mouth through the entire summer while riots were happening across America! Police being injured and killed! citizens being injured and killed! Businesses being burned to the ground! And the list goes on! He didn’t even condemn the people in these riots! He’s a complete hypocrite!

    • J M says:

      How can he when he can’t even positively identify the aggressors?? They were BLM, ANTIFA, the Dumb A*s Democrocrats hired Do-Boys

    • Thomas Marvin Burns says:

      You cannot read or understand English. Trump’s words were to “peacefully and patriotically let your voices be heard”. That is NOT in any way violet or advocating violence of any kind. All the Demon crats have used the words “fight like hell” and other words to get their supporters cranked up. Selective and denial of this FACT is obvious in their videos of themselves doing and encouraging the violence in our cities which occurred all last summer. Over 2000 police officers were injured in those riots and they never opposed that violence. You and Don Lemon together have no functioning brain cells.

    • Linda D. says:

      OANN and NEWSMAX. Communist News Network splices and dices all news to fit their agenda.

    • Donna Pearman says:

      They were not following Trumps words.They were mislead by fake Trump supporters Antifa.Those who went in should be responsible for what they did.Police should be called hero’s for defending the Capitol.We need to bring put those who were arrested.Have a trial to judge for innocence or guilt.Have judgement in our courts.

  17. William Barefoot says:

    So sick of Don Lemon and his bulllcrap. His pious look as if he knows more than anyone else and is the only one whose thoughts matter. He is a backstabbing two faced liar and hypocrite and does not deserve a place on television or as a so called reporter. All he knows how to report is what his handlers (masters) tell him to say. A fraud and phony excuse for a decent human being.

  18. steve says:

    I would say something but I do believe just about everything was covered other than I’m a poor white american and we all all stand with Trump as well

  19. Matt says:

    Andersin Crapper, Bum Lemnon 2 big steaming piles of dog poo.

  20. Pappy says:

    Do people really listen or believe what those two morons say if they do they are bigger fools. They should check which democrat sent all the blm and antifa to the capital before Trump finished his speech.

  21. twinlightwave45 says:

    I seem to remember that Democrat controlled cities are the ones who want to defind the police.
    These idiots on CNN assume we buy the lies that the violent protesters were Trump supporters which is a total scam. They fail to mention that violent actor infiltrated the peaceful protests donning Trump and MAGA gear so Trump supporters would get the blame. It has now been proven so by FBI investigators who say that pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails were planted days earlier indicating that it was planned well ahead of President Trump’s speech. I’ve even seem video of Antifa donning Trump gear behind bushes near the Capital.

  22. Allan Pozdol says:

    Lemon is a simpleton. A very sick puppy. Seek help, Don! Do you see these people described in the following?
    “Psychopathy is characterized by diagnostic features such as superficial charm, high intelligence, poor judgment and failure to learn from experience, pathological egocentricity and incapacity for love, lack of remorse or shame, impulsivity, grandiose sense of self-worth, pathological lying, manipulative behavior, poor self-control, … and criminal versatility, among others.”

  23. Mad as Hell says:

    All he does is lie, what a great job he gets up in the morning thinks of a lie to tell & he is set for the day! He forgot one thing thought CNN’s ratings going down the toilet!!

  24. Robert Pavone says:

    CNN should be shut down Don Lemon and Cuomo are the worst and most unreliable reporters ever allowed to have a TV Chanel let alone voice their prejudice opinions on tv I consider both of them complete idiots

    • Jeff mooneyhan’s says:

      That’s why the police backed Trump along with the military, these people are racist tyrannical liars!!!

    • Bob says:

      They are reporters just crap spreaders. The police knows better than that. As far as the ones who broke into the capital building were antfi terrorist disguised as trump supporters and most Americans know this.

  25. Lee says:

    CNN are nothing but liars and a bunch of Queer Lovers. I wouldn’t piss on one off tham Lying CNN reporters if he was on fire.

  26. I am a Trump Supporter, and all I have to say is you can throw the assholes (especially)Lemon, Cooper and Cuomo off the air.
    I never watch CNN for that reason and never will, unless they clean up their act.

  27. donald stevens says:

    Cnn thay are being paid off by the communist party.Their nothing but fake news trying to destroy America.I won’t watch their bullshit lies,thay make me sick thay all are communist.All the news medias are supporting Biden in any thing he does.

    • MARY E AVERY says:

      Not all… NEWSMAX!!!

    • Donna Louise Pearman says:

      Biden administration is also for one world government agenda 21.New Economic world order also called Technocrats.Bidens best friend communist China.Same government that gave us Covid.Covid and Electoral fraud was used to get rid of Donald Trump lover of our Republic free market Democracy

    • Donna Louise Pearman says:

      Biden administration is also for one world government agenda 21.New Economic world order also called Technocrats.Bidens best friend communist China.also a lover of the green new deal to take away employment from hard working Americans.Clodingvthe pipeline will hurt those who truck our food.It will be a big toaster thanks to Biden

    • Donna Louise Pearman says:

      I guess this platform does not believe in free speech unless you a Democrat.Biden is for one world order simple as that.CNN is for my comments.

  28. Doc Holiday says:

    Lemon another big mouth Moulinyan liar

  29. T M says:

    No moral high ground ? He really can say that with a straight face? Let him say it to my face! PUSSY! Can’t believe he has the balls to open his face like that. Should wimped away like whipped dog when someone mentions morals!

  30. Bill says:

    Hey, by his logic, if he says stupid sh*t, then all gays say stupid sh*t.
    (We all know so-called reporters say stupid sh*t when they try to editorialize the news with biased opinion.)

  31. J. Robb says:

    Unhinged liberal democrats, unethical and corrupt politicians are so afraid of Trump and supporters/patriots, they cant stand it. Those that assault officers, no matter their cause or affiliation, should be punished. If politicians do not stop their illegal and unconstitutional power grab, a revolution will become necessary to save our republic. An organised revolt, would have to sacrifice some in the front line, to gain access to the corrupt. The capitol attack was NOT a revolt, but merely a few instigating violence, quite possibly liberals, (as proof exists of blm/antifa arrested, doing just that) sent to incite the violence, to blame/frame true conservatives and Donald Trump. This election was a sham, and when the truth comes out, it will be historical, showing the world how corrupt democRATS are. Fill GITMO with these traitors, give them tribunals, then punish them accordingly.

  32. SR Sides says:

    CNN is a far left station and needs to be brought to their knees by viewers boycotting them. Lemon is a kook! All the riots, destruction , property damage done all last year by antifa and blm were reported by most news channels as mostly peaceful when they were anything but! Most citizens feel the incident at the capitol was planned by dems and their henchmen, antifa and blm and blamed on us Trump supporters. The dem machine is using natzi ways to unsettle the masses.They took over most news media to spread their propaganda. Begone Lemon and all dem minions you are all evil.

    • Sally Mascorro says:

      You are truly one sick person you and your Donald Trump

      • MARY E AVERY says:

        You damn right he is “our” President!!! At least he is to anybody with any sense!!!

      • Thomas Marvin Burns says:

        Sally, your 1 good brain cell has left the building (if you ever had one). If you watch this crap show the senate is putting on by a Chinese spy humper and Raskin along with others scared of Trump and his movement away from socialism a nd outright Communism that has infected Demon crats then you might recover that escaped brain cell before it too dies. Their sole purpose is to keep him from running again because they unconstitutionally altered the results of this election in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona. The Constitution gives the power to the state legislatures only to change election laws and how they are run. Judges, Governors, Attorney Generals and others do NOT have that right. From Voting machines to all the other crap that occurred is the only way the empty shell called Biden got elected. The Georgia video does not lie. They sent poll watchers home and said they were thru for the night and soon as these people left the building they pulled out metal boxes and continued to count them. What a shame that people stoop so low as to cheat in an election. Sorry that we have people with no morals like this working in our elections. They are truly pathetic people. If you have no morals then you are a waste of human flesh.

  33. sam says:

    Will never watch cnn again

  34. Emmett Nichols says:

    Don Lemon?Doesn’t that mean a yellow coward piece of crap.? Obviously you are another fascist, antifa piece of filth because you,like so many other scum like you,areafraid of Donald Trump as POTUS. Hope you choke on your crap laden sense of justice. Obviously you know how to twist democrat values as well as Schumer and Pelosi.

  35. Mary says:

    I hate CNN and will not watch those liars.

  36. Brad says:

    We suffered weeks of riots, burning, looting and more after a drug addled fought arrest and SUPPOSEDLY was suffocated. How could he breathe in to yell “I can’t breathe!” during the incident. His autopsy listed illegal drugs in his system as a contributing factor to his death. The drug factor was never indicated by lying , biased media.
    Then I read about a black woman who viciously beat her adopted white child to death. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from the televised media.
    Until they start to report EVERYTHING with CANDOR AND HONESTY, they should have NO PLACE in our SOCIETY.

  37. I resent the words from all of the MSM and they claim Trump and his supporters are liars. They need to look in the mirror as they speak so they will know a liar when they see one! I support President Donald J. Trump always have and always will. I assure everyone that I do not need their BS.

  38. Christine Lang says:

    Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper what is the face of perverts and LIES continously!CNN is anything but a news agency. I remember Anderson Cooper on his knees in a shallow pond of water FAKING HOW DEEP THE WATER WAS! THEY HAVE NO CREDIBILITY! THEY ARE SWAMP DWELLERS!

  39. Michael S. says:

    A crystal clear example of the current state of “news” – its arbitrary creation and presentation to the citizenry in today’s U.S.A. — Mainstream news is primarily (if not totally) propaganda and the old-fashioned “Yellow Journalism” (hauled out of journalism’s dark closet, dusted off, polished up with “modern terminology” and its buzzwords; and re-introduced from decades ago). Politics are the politics of deception and/or convenience, using a quality of misdirection and prestidigitation that would shame any street-corner magician. Reasoning and analysis are totally disingenuous. Morality, ethics, foundational values are absent from the media’s (and much of the public’s) consciousness. Truth is whatever suits the agenda of the self-described “progressives.” News Media (if I try to say it aloud, the term practically hangs up in my throat and chokes me) is nothing more than a painted whore on the street corner (and she’s not even “cheap” any more). As my great grandfather would have said and I hope it is true: “Harsh Justice cometh, and right soon . . . .” I do believe the Lemmon’s, Blitzer’s, Maddow’s and A.O.C.’s and their ilk are over-playing their hand. We had better hope I’m right about that.

  40. Ray says:

    Lemon needs to take that ccp you know what out of his you know what. Biden is jealous.

  41. Jerry Yerian says:

    Listen CNN, Here is what it comes down to. The right has been getting hit from all sides, the Dems hate us, the Left hates us, Black lives Matter, but White Lives don’t! No one is able to work because of the Left’s insistence that their is something out there that is going to get us, when all this is is a way to make Trump look bad to the rest of the world! Anything to keep him from having a second term. We all know that Trump came in, messed with your little game that you were playing and now you want this “Outsider” to get out of your game, because he plays it better than you do, he has made you look bad, real bad, because it is threating your incomes and scams, (ie, Hunter Biden and the Biden Family!)
    White Middle Class Americans are told we are RACIST, COMMUNISTS, FACISTS, HATERS, anything we try to do to protest, you’all claim some BS claim about us. So, what you are seeing is the White Middle Class had simply had enough of the Left’s BS! And the Capitol just happen to get in the way! You wait and see the damage that the Left Progressives are going to do to this Country then watch and see what the White Middle Class Americans has to say about that! You better get your guns, as you will then have woke a sleepin’ giant! China is going to try and invade this Country soon, and let’s see who you whiny-ass punks come crying to to take these bad people away! The White Middle Class Americans! The exact ones that have kept this Country FREE, PROSPEROUS, and the HOME OF THE BRAVE for almost 250 years!

  42. Denise says:

    Seriously this prick opens his mouth !! What a hypocrite lying POS !! I remember not so long ago blm and antifa burning our cities killing and beating police !! Bullying American citizens and thus piece of trash condoning it!! Remember?? I do!! Shut your mouth until you have something to state that is intelligent and is not the biggest line of hypocritical bullshit ever spewed!! Please your disgusting puke lemon!! You sir are no journalist and should never be on tv!!

  43. Gary L Pence says:

    Is this guy Mr (?) Leaamoon as stupid as he sounds. My 4 year old grandson is smarter than that. If CNN pays him a salary they are dumber than he is. Tell him to come to the Midwest and learn to hat real people think.

  44. gary arrington says:

    ive have been watching the left all year saying kill the cops.defund the police. It’s Likly there would hardly any blacks killed by cops if they would only do as they are told something most people learn wary in live

  45. Fredrick Carbery says:

    after your Commie Friends Stole
    An Election 7 months we watch you
    Bailout your trained Monkeys night after night they burned America U even let more Goons out of Jail
    With Fake Covid19 350.000 only 100 attacking capital We are Better Men

  46. Why don’t the 75 million people who supported President Trump, send a message to all the companies that advertise there products on CNN, especially the two characters mentioned above, and tell these companies that we will not support them! We must do what liberals do and make believers out of these companies, that we will no longer support them if they support these liberal liars!! Enough is enough!!! It’s time to fight fire with fire!!

  47. Frank Steele says:

    You have a not-to-vivid imagination, Fluffy. How does it feel to make a living as a complete liar?

  48. tom says:

    Don “LEMON ” His last name describes Him very well. He clearly is a ( LEMON )no
    doubt about it. As for Anderson a little rich boy who has it all wrong. Any one
    who takes them serious has a problem. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a
    news media who just reported the truth.

  49. Tom says:

    There BIGGEST bunch of OPINIONATED JOURNALISTS that SIDED with CORRUPT POLITICIANS in Congress and GOVERNMENT to vote a CRIMINAL in White House. Tic Toc Tic
    AMERICANS PEOPLE see there wrong
    All based on the two most CORRUPT Democrats LIARS Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

  50. Sandra W says:

    Never will I watch CNN again and neither will my family. They are highfalutin idiots just like the Democrats as that is who they are….DEMOCRATS!!

  51. rick says:

    That’s it- right out of the Alinsky playbook! Blame the other side of doing exactly what you & your anarchic mob are doing! And Don the Lemon is the cheerleader. This idiot is so misguided he needs to be put on trial for inciting violence & then taken out & hung! How the hell does the FCC let these jerks get away with this stuff? Oh, yeah, they’re part of The Joseph Goebbels School of Broadcasting & Propaganda!

  52. K l says:

    The left is up against a wall of their own doing now they are felling the rath of the AMERICAN PEOPLE
    May their terms be short
    May the true patriot s lead this country high above the swamp and drain the sespool of the retched🇺🇸

  53. Mike says:

    Don lime is nothing but a sick nut and with all his viewers

  54. maxibaby says:

    And I don’t want to ever hear anything about anything from you! I never watch CNN or any other marxist MSM networks and I wish I had not read this stupid article quoting your moronic nonsense! You are too stupid for words and all three of your followers have single digit IQ! What a loser and know nothing unprofessional fake journalist!

  55. Debra says:

    How pathetic lemon is. Talking about lies. That’s all CNN & all their hosts have been doing for 4 yrs. It sure would be nice to have real journalists & not a bunch of puppets for the regime. I think it’s really sad because at one time they really were good journalists.

  56. Terrie Wyatt says:

    He has the nerve to say that after all the destruction and murder commited by BLM over the past year. He is a racist jerk.

  57. T says:

    It’s to bad nothing is being done about the news media they are so hateful and not honest they don’t even care about honesty. It is so frustrating to all of us that just want the media and the democratic people that were elected to be honest why do they want our beautiful United States of America to be a communist country. You know I’m 75 years old and my husband and myself have seen a lot through the years but nothing like this. It seems to us they want to take all our rights away we worry about our children,our grand children and our great grand children as for my husband and I we are in our sun set years. It so discouraging.

  58. James Glenn says:

    don lemon couldn’t ‘t see the truth if it hit him across the head with a two by four. He’s either a congenital liar or his brain is mush. it’s interesting that there is no leaking as to the backgrounds of the perpetrators of the Capitol break-in and what they are being charged with or the numbers being charged. I would bet the answers would not fit the Dims’ narrative. I would bet there is not one single charge of sedition. Or why no one is asking the question as to why the Capitol Police didn’t have better barriers and more police in front of the Capitol since they have a police force the size of LA’s. Or why they didn’t accept the Trump’s Administration’s offer of National Guard aid prior to the mostly peaceful protest. What was Nancy’s role in that decision? Or why wasn’t there a hearing on the Capitol Police shooting and killing of an unarmed woman. How was the police officer threatened? And why isn’t Don Lemon asking these questions. Don’t bother. I know the answer.

  59. Laura Cummings says:

    Don Lemon and Cooper Anderson are two of the most racist, Marxist and lying commentators on TV. I really could not give a rat’s ass what either of those communist sympathizers think or say. All I hear when they’re talking is Charlie Brown’s teacher… Wahwah wah wah wahwah

  60. Bud says:

    What about all the riots this last summer more people got killed and police were killed and they said they were peaceful y protesting! So get off your high horse and tell the truths about the news you dumbf——-!

  61. Rodney Earl says:

    I don’t believe in any way these two ass hats even have a clue of the word respect. Over the last 5 years there lies have done nothing but show there biuos.There on a bad network broadcast and have a microphone. That doesn’t make there opinions any better than anyone elses.DISHONIEST HACK.

  62. Ray says:

    Fuck the communist at CNN!

  63. Patti Fischetti says:

    I believe in family values and in our law enforcement. I am a Christian first and a loyal American citizen second. I believe that President Trump was installed by God to bring about certain events to hasten the end times. There is a season for every thing. It was his season and a lot of things got done. Don and Anderson are just two hateful people who use their mouths for mischief and create hateful images. They are poor examples of humankind.

  64. John Settimo says:

    Mr. Don lemon One of the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever seen on earth, Trump supporters have always supported the police the Democrats that were rioting, burning, looting our cities. I don’t agree with what happened at the capital but there were a lot of bad actors that were not Trump supporters I believe it was planned nevertheless they were more deaths and distruction from the Democratic side with antifa and black lives matter who were calling for deaths of Police. My house soon they forget. Don lemon needs to be taken off the air.

    • Fischetti Patti says:

      I agree wholeheartedly! Who does Don Lemon think he is? He is just a scared little boy trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. Go ahead but I don’t think he’ll like what happens next.

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