Colin Kaepernick Is So Desperate He Will Now Do THIS?!?

Colin Kaepernick

( – The United States of America is often the land of second chances.

But, Colin Kaepernick seemingly has burned too many bridges with both the NFL and the American public to get that second chance.

Kaepernick has reached a new level of desperation as he tries to return to the game that made him first a star in his sport and then a name known worldwide.

Kaepernick now says he would accept a job as a backup quarterback to get back into pro football.

Recently, Kaepernick was asked if he was willing to return to the game in a backup role for a team instead of being a starter.

Kaepernick said he would.

“I know I have to find my way back in. So, if I have to come in as a backup, that’s fine. But that’s not where I’m staying. And when I prove that I’m a starter, I want to be able to step on the field as such. I just need that opportunity to walk through the door.”

Still, as Breitbart notes, Kaepernick has had chances that he turned down.

“Kaepernick turned down an off from the San Francisco 49ers to stay on the team in 2017 because he wanted more money. He turned down several opportunities after that, too, not to mention his act of making a circus out of the NFL’s workout offer in 2019.”

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