Confirmed: Hunter Protected by Daddy’s DOJ

Hunter Biden

( – The ultra-liberal New York Times has confirmed revelations that President Joe Biden’s Justice Department prevented harsher charges against Hunter Biden. 

A Times article says the newspaper independently confirmed the claims of whistleblower Gary Shapley, an IRS Criminal Investigation agent. 

The Times found that the Department of Justice prevented Delaware US Attorney David Weiss from bringing charges against Hunter Biden in California and Washington, DC. 

Earlier this month, Hunter Biden reached a deal with the DOJ on tax and gun charges that would see him serving no prison time. 

The New York Times article comes after last Thursday, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO) said the DOJ twice prevented harsher charges against Hunter Biden.

The same day the committee released a transcript of Shapley’s May 2023 testimony, which wasn’t given front-page coverage by mainstream media such as The Washington Post, Politico, The New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC.

However, on Tuesday, The Times quoted two persons “with knowledge of the situation” as confirming the revelations by Shapley and another IRS whistleblower.

They said DOJ demanded that Weiss get approval and cooperation from US attorneys in California and Washington, DC, before filing charges in their districts.

“If Mr. Weiss wanted to move ahead without their approval, he could have brought the issue to Mr. Garland’s attention, and the attorney general could then appoint him ‘special attorney,’ which would allow him to bypass the standard chain of command,” the NYT writes.

AG Garland has claimed Weiss had full authority to bring charges against Hunter Biden.

The IRS whistleblowers revealed Weiss had asked Garland to appoint a special counsel, but the latter refused.

“Investigators like Mr. Shapley whose job it is to uncover evidence often have different perspectives from prosecutors who have to take into account how to treat defendants fairly and present cases to juries,” The Times article argued.

Meanwhile, Shapley defended publicly his allegations that the DOJ restricted Weiss’s ability to charge Hunter Biden. 

He told CBS News in an interview Weiss himself admitted in October 2022 his hands were tied. Shapley documented the meeting at the time in a report to his superiors.