Conservatives’ Favorite TV Show Pulling the Plug?!?

( – According to reports, Paramount Network’s neo-Western drama series “Yellowstone” – praised by conservative Americans for its anti-woke content – will be canceled after Season 5.

“Yellowstone” will be ended after the second half of its fifth season, The New York Post reported, citing multiple sources.

It is unknown when the filming of Season 5’s second half will begin and when it will air.

The news about Yellowstone’s end comes against the backdrop of reports that the show’s star actor Kevin Costner would not return for the new season because of a dispute with creator Taylor Sheridan.

Costner, who plays Montana family patriarch, John Dutton, has won a Golden Globe award for his role.

“It’s the same as with any showrunner and big star — there’s respect, but there’s friction,” a production source says.

“We’re hoping it will be worked out. It’s too big a show for things not to be worked out,” the source added.

“Hopefully, Kevin will return for the remaining episodes if everyone works together, but it looks like ‘Yellowstone’ will end after this season,” the production source elaborated.

According to another source, the tensions between Costner and Sheridan might be the latter’s fault.

“Taylor is the star of his show. He’s the most important person on all of his shows,” the insider said.

The Post notes that 52-year-old Sheridan began his film career by acting in series such as “Sons of Anarchy” and “Veronica Mars.”

Subsequently, he wrote “successfully” several hit movies, such as “Sicario” and the Oscar-nominated “Hell or High Water.”

Sheridan has also co-created the Jeremy Renner hit, “Mayor of Kingstown,” and “Tulsa King,” starring Sylvester Stallone. At the same time, he ran the “Yellowstone” spinoffs “1883” and “1923.”

According to the Post’s latter source, the friction with Costner might be due to Sheridan’s ego fueled by his success.

“Taylor spent years not being truly appreciated in Hollywood, and now that he’s the top of the heap, there’s definitely some ego to all of this,” the source explained.

There have been rumors that Costner, 68, was unwilling to commit more than a week to film the second half of Season 5.

However, one of the sources told the NYP that Costner was prepared to start filming already last year, but Sheridan was not ready with the scripts.

“Kevin’s been extremely cooperative with working with Taylor and his production company, 101 Studios. They were supposed to shoot the second chapter of Season 5 late last year, but they just didn’t have the scripts,” the source revealed.

“Taylor is overburdened and Kevin made himself available at the beginning of the year, but again, nothing was ready. Kevin had already committed to making his other movies. He had given the producers his schedule… There was nothing to shoot,” the source elaborated.

Earlier this year, there were reports of a new “Yellowstone” spinoff led by Matthew McConaughey.

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