Court Makes BOMBSHELL Decision – Trump’s FURIOUS!

( – In the middle of several unashamed Democratic-led witch hunt cases targeting him, a new bombshell court decision has left former President Donald Trump furious.

New York’s top court recently declined to review Trump’s challenge to the gag order in his legal case in Manhattan, even though he had already been convicted weeks earlier.

The Court of Appeals of New York rejected the appeal, stating “no substantial constitutional question is directly involved.”

Trump faced conviction in May on 34 charges of falsifying business records in a lawsuit initiated by Democratic District Attorney of Manhattan Alvin Bragg.

During the trial, Democratic-backer Judge Juan Merchan ruled that Trump breached the gag order ten times, fining him $1,000 for each instance and warning of possible jail time for any further breaches.

At first, Merchan implemented the gag order in March to prevent Trump from commenting on witnesses, other prosecutors besides the district attorney, court staff, their families and potential jurors.

However, he soon extended the restrictions after Trump made remarks about his daughter on Truth Social.

Trump’s legal team challenged the gag order in mid-May with the state’s highest court after a lower court concluded that Judge Merchan had correctly decided that Trump’s public comments were “a significant threat to the integrity of the testimony of witnesses and potential witnesses in this case as well.”

After Trump’s conviction, his lawyers requested Judge Merchan to remove the gag order.

They argued that the reasons previously provided by the government and the court no longer warranted limiting Trump’s First Amendment rights after the trial.

Despite these requests, Bragg’s office argued for maintaining the gag order through Trump’s sentencing in July, which suggests its purpose extended beyond just safeguarding the trial.

Trump’s sentencing is set for July 11, just days ahead of the Republican National Convention.

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