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Cruise Goes COVID Crazy

No matter what you think about the coronavirus and wearing masks, most Americans are tired of being lectured about what they should or shouldn’t do to protect themselves and to protect others from becoming infected with COVID19.

So, when someone like Tom Cruise was secretly recorded hurling profanity at co-workers on the set of a new Mission Impossible movie while screaming at the top of his lungs, a lot of folks were disgusted – even if they agreed with the message he was trying to get across.

Listen to Tom Cruise in the recording below and share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you agree or disagree with his rant?



  1. K Principe says:

    I read in another article that he is paying $700,000 for the film crew to live on a cruise ship separate from anyone else so they have a controlled covid free environment. It looks like he has made an investment in keeping everyone healthy. Everyone working on the movie knows what the requirements are. If I knew what was expected of me on the job and did not do it I would be fired. It didn’t need to be a health and safety issue, any job requirement unmet is enough to lose your job. I may not have even gotten the courtesy of a warning that next time I would be fired. As far as yelling and profanity go, oh please, they are just making a big deal over this because he is a celebrity. He probably was yelling to make sure everyone heard him, it sounds like he was wearing a covid mask. If you think what he did was bad try working in finance. Bosses yell and swear way worse than him and do it regularly over nothing. The higher up in the organization the worse they are about it, probably because they are under more and more stress. Yeah, I give them room to be human too. He is trying to explain again to everyone on the set why it is important. If you ask me he is very well controlled and considerate under the circumstances. I can’t imagine what fairy tale world people think we are living in that this is newsworthy. I have always had to live in the real world and this stuff in the news just diverts our attention from real issues. But then again they don’t let the news report anything substantive anymore. They learned that with the Vietnam war or should I say conflict.

  2. GW Hice says:

    Are you talking about yourself or crazy cruise?

  3. Matt Nobriga says:

    I sypathize with Tom. The others just don’t get it! You can only put up with
    imbeciles for so long.

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