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Cuomo: Do as I Say, Not as I Do

What does it say about the current state of the American system of government when elected officials are repeatedly caught doing differently than what they are demanding others do?

The latest example is Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York. Cuomo has been one of the harshest and most belligerent governors throughout the pandemic. He can be found daily criticizing the actions of everyone from President Donald Trump on down to the average American. Yet, he seems to think he’s above everyone else and doesn’t need to follow the dictates that he puts out for others. Now, just as he’s ordering everyone else to stay home for Thanksgiving, he admits that he and his family will do as they please.

Check out this tweet from New York state political reporter Bernadette Hogan – who sniffed out Cuomo’s latest hypocrisy – and then share your thoughts about Cuomo’s actions in the comment section on this page.



  1. Ken lanman says:

    Piss on Cuomo, he killed thousands of people

  2. Tony C says:

    As an American of Italian descent I find the brothers Cuomo a disgrace to our heritage. Both are card carrying self absorbed narcissists. To both of them I offer this salute “BAH FUNGOO 🖕”.

  3. Matt says:

    He is just another lying hypocrite POS,who doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself. And the Benjamin’s.

  4. Steve Tanner says:

    Can’t believe what a terrible leader he turns out to be. My wife and I would love to get together with our two girls, however we are going along with the efforts to alleviate covid and get back to normal condition sorry that Cuomo doesn’t understand How to react in a responsible manner

  5. Cg says:

    Chomo is a loser just like his brother.They think they are fooling everyone.They’ll find out when they protested live just like the others .Chomos are POS!

  6. Michael says:

    Governor Cuomo is a text book narcissist! Please research what is the makeup of a narcissist. He should not have any power to tell any human being what their best interests are. Look at the science, this is not the flu of 1918! Wake up people of NY! Peacefully protest at city, county and state government. There are more like minded people behind you. Just look at your law enforcement saying they will not stand behind his unconstitutional agenda. Show up and speak your mind. I wish every fellow human being, no matter race, creed, gender, religion or different opinion than mine happiness and freedom to pursue any positive agenda they choose. Times are changing are you going to be a sheep or a shepherd?

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