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Cuomo Mockingly Calls Rubio ‘Mr. Bible Boy’

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo openly mocked Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) for his Christian faith, saying that ‘Mr. Bible Boy’ has a ‘Bible quote for every moment,’” according to Blaze Media.

Cuomo made the remarks after suggesting that conservatives — including Rubio, an outspoken Christian — are enabling President Donald Trump in his insistence that he won the 2020 presidential election.

“The remarks came during the nightly handoff between Cuomo and CNN’s Don Lemon, according to Fox News.

“Leading up to the exchange in question, Lemon attempted an impersonation of President Donald Trump and mocked the president for his recently published phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger…

“Lemon then mulled over how the president could still have any government allies after the leak — a sentiment with which Cuomo apparently agreed.

“‘Look, Trump, I believe, will be remembered as the worst,’ he began. ‘We’ve never seen anybody abuse the office the way he has — not in our lifetime. But the people, those who remain, the Kevin McCarthys, the people in the House, the people in the Senate. … The man he called Lyin’ Ted, the man he called Little Marco, Mr. Bible Boy. You know, he’s got a Bible quote for every moment, he just never speaks truth to power or acts on any of it in the interest of his own state or of this country.'” [emphasis added]

For more on this story, go to Blaze Media.

Please share your thoughts about Chris Cuomo mocking Marco Rubio as “Mr. Bible Boy” in the comment section on this page. Is it ever appropriate to mock someone’s religion or expression of their religious beliefs?



  1. Loretta Skaggs says:

    Mr, Rubio

    What a wonderful thing to be called a BIBLE BOY. Jesus would be pleased just as you should be!!

  2. Susan Johnson says:

    It’s never appropriate to mock any ones religious beliefs. That’s a low blow. Prove what he’s saying is a lie or keep your mouth shut.

  3. Ruth Arzonetti says:

    Religious bigotry is still bigotry. Chris Cuomo is a bigot as well as an ignorant fool.

  4. Mark says:

    No one cares what a half white black faggit and Fredo think. 2 of the dumbest scumbags on the planet! Lemon should die of aids and Fredo is competing with his brother for scumbag of the year. Actually Andrew(older Fredo) is a serial killer for what he did to senior homes. Family members of those Big Fredo killed should be tried for mass murder. The Homo britherd compete for the bottom if the latrine. Take them both out!

  5. Nyeatia Gregory says:

    People that mock God always seriously end up in a very bad place!!!

  6. Adrian Poland says:

    Who do these cases think they are. AS far as I am concerned they had better get their heads out of their hind quarters. Also see what these scumbag colleges are turning out. If anything needs to change is to take freedom of the press away from those Communist leaning colleges and universities.

  7. Keith says:

    To democrats/liberals/socialists/atheists Christians are evil, but for some reason Muslims are fine, what a joke! He is lucky the evil Christians are not like the the Muslims and use terror and murder o the people that attack their religion, as Christianity is the only religion that teaches forgiveness and peace as the means to spread its influence. There may have been wars in the name of Christianity by catholics but that was centuries ago and slavery but how long will this be held against Christians while Muslims are doing these today! Of course, Cuomo is an idiot and his words are like flies in the wind. Ask any old soviet why they opened the churches after over 20 years of professing atheism as the religion of man? Look at the countries that were under the iron fist of communism and you will find more Christians than atheists. Again, Cuomo is a child and has a mind of a dunce. He is not worthy of a thought by the decent people of America.

    • Kathleen Kramer says:

      I pray for God to intervine The Cintons/Obama’s/Bidens/Shiff I will do everything in my power (we do have a network here in Ohio/Kentucky and
      Indiana) to never give up until they r prosecuted These r the worst of the worst. They r the ones wo r totally racist. They use these different people
      of differant races say they care only to help an old man who has no idea what’s going on. Democrats hate the american people when will everybody wake up
      I am not going to b told i’m racist by Michelle ugly Obama calling me a racist
      Shye would still b a nobody if it wasn’t for the american pepole I’m so
      tired of these politicans bending so fast for blm they pulled off the greasted injustice but don’t get to cumfy joe the law abiding american people
      r coming and making u take responsibility all of u your digusting

  8. Mike Lenahan says:

    Mr. Cuomo and Mr. Lemon are both in need of an awakening. God is in control and will ultimately decide our eternal destiny . Mr Cuomo was raised in a Catholic home , but failed to ether listen or accept the Truth. God is center in a truly Catholic home .

    I hope Chris and his brother wake up and ask for forgiveness . I will pray for them since their actions and words are contrary to a true Christian belief .
    May our Lird and Savior have mercy on their souls .

  9. Ray says:

    Liberal scumbags that’s CNN. Cuomos are nothing but bottom feeding pond scum, who promote nothing but their own satanic agenda. May they rot in hell.

  10. One day every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that JESUS CRIST is LORD. I do that now willingly. One day fredo will. Might not be so smug them.

  11. Brad Tipton says:

    Every time either Cuomo opens their lying yap, people of conscience and consideration add to their list of why these two are simply worthless human beings. They will be handed their heads, given time and opportunity.

    • Rita says:

      I m an American Italian they are an embarrassment to our country and their ancestors the two brothers are so corrupt unethical and a disgrace to there religion hertitage thir family are not proud of them and they will meet there match

  12. Its so easy to never watch CNN when they are constantly making these snide remarks. When they do better, I’ll tune in, until then I won’t bother.

  13. Gloria says:

    Como is a JACK ASS!

  14. Maureen says:

    I wonder what his mother would say? Aren’t the Cuomo’s supposed to be Catholic? If they are, they do not practice their religion. His brother is for partial birth abortion and Chris has probably never read the Bible. Unfortunately those who are ignorant often need to pretend that they are “smart.” Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon are not smart. They are filled with their own importance and fail to realize that most of us care little about their constant comments. Donald Trump will be recorded in History as one of our most important Presidents. He worked hard to bring America back. God help us all now. We are beck in the swamp.

  15. Lyle says:

    He is nothing more than ass and want atension and the dark side come out his mouth every time he speaking like a lot of other people like him will stand before God like every person on earth and answer to him

  16. Carol says:

    Who in the world pays attention to anything this mental midget (cuomo) has to say? He got the short end of the stick when brains were distributed!

  17. Sgt York says:

    You see Cuomo showing his socialist, communist breeding as a hater of all religions, their actual way as it is in all communist countries. He feels he is now a upper CCP loon and a true dictator to a fools state bunch who put a China boy into power.

  18. Otto mullins says:

    Democrats are one step away from book burning and they will come for the Bible, they consider it hate speech. It does not match what they say, think or do.

  19. Mary L Janes says:

    He should use his Bible and whack that jerk in the face

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