DA to Judge: Gag Him!

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – In a striking move the Democrat Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is pushing for a gag order against former President Donald Trump.

This comes after Trump was charged on April 4, 2023, with 34 felony counts for allegedly lying about business records. The charges are tied to supposed payments made to silence adult film actress Stephanie Clifford, famously known as Stormy Daniels, about an alleged affair.

Following Trump’s vocal criticism of the case and Bragg himself, the New York County District Attorney’s office filed a motion on Monday. They’re aiming to stop Trump from making public statements about the case, a step often taken to ensure a fair trial.

Bragg’s team argues that Trump’s history of making heated comments about those involved in his legal issues could harm the case’s fairness.

They say, “Defendant has a long history of making public and inflammatory remarks about the participants in various judicial proceedings against him, including jurors, witnesses, lawyers, and court staff. Those remarks, as well as the inevitable reactions they incite from defendant’s followers and allies, pose a significant and imminent threat to the orderly administration of this criminal proceeding and a substantial likelihood of causing material prejudice.”

Trump’s sharp comments on social media did not go unnoticed. He labeled Bragg as a “Racist, George Soros-backed D.A.” and called him “a danger to our Country, and should be removed immediately.” Trump also warned of “potential death & destruction” that could follow from the charges, tagging Bragg as “a degenerate psychopath that [truly] hates the USA!”

A concerning social media post highlighted in Bragg’s memorandum showed Trump with a baseball bat, seemingly threatening Bragg. This and similar statements have led to real threats against Bragg, escalating security concerns.

The NYPD’s Threat Assessment and Protection Unit saw a significant rise in threats against Bragg in 2023.

The memorandum also mentions the FBI’s fatal encounter with a man planning to assassinate Bragg.

Trump faces charges in other jurisdictions as well. Yet, Trump’s campaign sees the gag order request as a direct attack on his freedom of speech.

Trump’s spokesperson Steven Cheung criticized the move as “election interference pure and simple.”

He defended Trump saying “This case, like the others, is a sham orchestrated by partisan Democrats desperately attempting to prevent the reelection of President Trump and distract from the decrepit presidency of Crooked Joe Biden. The Radical Left will fail and President Trump will Make America Great Again.”