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Dan Rather: Treat Guns Like Cars

Dan Rather and Don Lemon teamed up on CNN last night to attack those who believe the 2nd Amendment guarantees gun rights to Americans.


Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather said Wednesday on CNN’s “Tonight” that it is common sense to have a similar process for getting a driver’s license or a gun,” according to Breitbart.

When asked about gun legislation, Rather said, ‘Poll after poll shows a rather sizable majority of Americans in favor of having, say, a delay in when you can buy a gun, a three-day delay. You buy it, you pick it up two or three days later, together with background checks. This is very popular. But year after year, decade after decade, it doesn’t get put into law. What is needed is a common-sense approach. If you can get the politicians out of this, I’m convinced Americans of goodwill on various sides of this issue would get together with some common-sense things. You have to have a driver’s license to drive a car. You have to be trained in driving an automobile.’ [emphasis added]

Lemon interjected, ‘You have to have insurance.’

“Rather continued, ‘A seatbelt and you have to have insurance. I mean all of these things we have.’

“Lemon said, ‘I agree. I agree. Listen, you are right about that. Just a couple of years ago, I had to get my driver’s license re-upped. Periodically, you have to get your driver’s license, go back in, do the test, whatever it takes to get that driver’s license renewed. And so we do need to look at some sensible gun legislation.’”

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