Dem City’s ‘Defund the Police’ Action Creates ‘Huge Crisis’

( – The Democrat-run city of Seattle has been forced to start reversing its “defund the police” actions as locals now describe the crime as a “huge crisis.”

Seattle began to “defund the police” in 2020, after the killing of George Floyd and after it saw mass-scale street riots alongside other American cities such as New York City and Minneapolis.

On Tuesday, Seattle’s Mayor, Bruce Harrell, insisted on boosting police presence to tackle rising crime.

“We need immediate action and innovation to respond to our public safety issues… Seattle saw a 4% rise in reported crime last year… We need more officers to address our staffing crisis,” he said, as cited by Fox News.

Data from the city’s budget office revealed law enforcement funding was increased for the first time since 2020.

While overall crime grew by 4% in 2022, violent crime increased more significantly: homicides skyrocketed by 24%, and motor vehicle thefts – by 30% last year.

The report noted, however, that the residents of Seattle were far from optimistic about seeing an improvement in the city’s public safety situation.

“Right now, I don’t have a lot of hope,” Seattle resident Victoria Beach commented.

“I think the mayor is on the right track, but Seattle is in a huge crisis. Our city has been destroyed, and we’re not going to get it back anytime soon,” she declared.

Beach described public safety in Seattle as a “free for all,” with more police needed to bring down crime.

“If you want to commit a crime, move to Seattle,” she stated.

Another local, Eli Hoshor, reiterated that police shortages caused by officials’ anti-police rhetoric had led to a crime spike.

She added the new uptick in police funding wouldn’t be enough to turn the tide.

“The crime is just getting worse and worse. There’s a homeless encampment that’s right next to my son’s school that’s been there for over a year, and it’s doubled and tripled in size,” Hoshor said.

“It’s ridiculous that that’s even possible,” she added.

Jonathan Choe, a Seattle-based reporter, blasted the “woke” activist class who created the crime problem by defunding the police and were now perpetuating it.

“[It’s] a failed social experiment. They’re still standing by this and doubling down on it,” Choe declared.

He added it would be interesting to observe how “Defund the Police” proponents would react to Mayor Harrel’s push to reverse their policies.

“The mayor laid out the vision and the hope for what he wants going forward, but he’s very sparse on details and an exact plan to execute this and what that would actually look like,” Choe said.

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