Dem Govs Accused of Cover-up

( – The lamestream media is further breaking from the Democratic Party over Joe Biden, as a CNN commentator criticized Democratic governors who met with the party’s candidate in the White House.

Following their Wednesday meeting to show their continued support of Biden amid widespread concerns over his cognitive abilities, CNN’s Scott Jennings called the ordeal part of the “biggest cover up.”

Speaking on “Laura Coates Live,” Jennings discussed the Democratic calls for Biden to withdraw from the presidential race following his underwhelming debate performance.

As Jennings highlighted the little external backing for Biden, CNN host Laura Coates mentioned that 23 Democratic governors had shown their support at a White House event.

“Once again, behind closed doors, Joe Biden rides unicycles and juggles knives — he looks real good behind closed doors! Let me tell you that‘s what we‘ve been hearing for three-and-a-half years. These governors are now participants in the biggest cover up in American political history,” he said.

He added, “The condition of Joe Biden has been hidden from us for three-and-a-half years, now these governors are complicit in it. We all saw with our own eyes Thursday night.”

“We don‘t need governors to tell us behind closed doors he’s fine. I saw what I saw, and so did every other American,” Jennings stated.

Earlier in the segment, Jennings praised former President Donald Trump’s campaign silence on the issue, suggesting it was a strategic move.

“They’re doing exactly what they need to do, which is nothing. He’s running — Of his three campaigns, this is the best managed, best run campaign and it‘s obvious to me he wants to win,” Jennings observed.

“He‘s got a cash infusion, he’s way up in the polls — the polls you showed tonight. I mean, if he wins the national popular vote by five or six points, you‘re talking about the house going bye-bye for Democrats, you‘re talking about Joe Biden dragging down maybe seven Senate seats we‘re in landslide territory if these polls hold,” he explained.

Democratic governors from across the nation met with Biden at the White House, some in person and others virtually, to address the internal party turmoil following Biden’s debate against Trump.

Despite a CBS/YouGov poll indicating that 72% of Americans question Biden’s mental fitness after the debate, Democratic Governors like New York’s Kathy Hochul, Maryland’s Wes Moore and Minnesota’s Tim Walz affirmed their support outside the White House.

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