Democrats Desperate To Lower Gas Prices

Pain at the Pump Grows

( – With Americans taking a beating at the gas pump because of soaring gas prices, Democrats are searching for ways to lower gas prices.

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters its third week and President Joe Biden banning Russian oil imports, the surge in gas prices shows no sign of slowing down. Democrats are hoping bipartisan backlash to Russia provides some political cover.

Biden has made a point of blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for the price hike, calling it “Putin’s price hike.”

But, in a bid to lower gas prices, Democrats are implementing a kitchen sink approach by reviewing what steps Congress, the administration, or even oil companies could take, acknowledging that there are limited options to provide immediate relief to consumers.

When Biden was asked about his message to Americans on gas prices, he stated, “they’re going to go up.”

In a follow-up question, asking Biden what he could do about it, the President responded, “Can’t do much right now. Russia is responsible.”

Democrats are facing what appears to be an insurmountable hurdle, the threat that skyrocketing gas prices could climb even higher, inflation at a four-decade high, and persistent supply chain issues provide little reprieve.

But gas prices are taking center stage for lawmakers. The topic is expected to arise during a Senate Democratic retreat where the focus will be on lowering costs, especially gas prices.

Acknowledging that gas prices are of primary concern to Democrat lawmakers, Senator Tim Kaine (D-Va.) said he believed Democrats would have a “long talk” about gas prices.

The retreat will also enable them to develop a strategy to combat Republicans if they decide to attack them on rising fuel prices.

Recognizing that the same Republicans who pushed for the U.S. to ban Russian oil could turn around and attack Dems on rising fuel prices, Senator Dick Durbin commented: “Well of course they’ll use any tool in the toolbox, and one of them is to hold us accountable for any increase in the cost of living.”

Republicans, for their part, have signaled that they intend to use gas prices as a vital line of attack ahead of the midterms.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had this to say, “I expect our Democratic friends will now try to blame the entire increase in prices on our efforts to punish Russia. But don’t be fooled,” he stated, adding that this is “more than one year in the making.”